Hello Travelers and welcome to the Tomorrow With You Dramaclub! Join Firnlambe, June and Ajummah as they discuss the whos, whats, whens and wheres of the premiere episodes. The first two episodes were full of questions and time jumps and the dramaclub is here to discuss it all.

Firnlambe: Not gonna lie folks. I’m reeeeeeally struggling to remind myself that sometimes dramas take 4 episodes to really grab the viewers. I have hope for next week because the end of 2 was a “whaaaaa?” moment, but the rest of the episodes were very lackluster for me. I just wasn’t pulled into it right away.

Ajummah: I am here for Shin Minah. I think she’s a great actress. I usually enjoy her shows but for some reason I also had trouble getting into it. The storyline seems interesting but it just didn’t deliver the pow factor I was looking for. Am I getting too jaded in the world of drama watching?

June: I’m with you! I started this drama for Shin Minah! I loved her in Oh My Venus and was ready for another drama from here. I’m in the same boat as you all. This drama definitely is starting off slow for me but I really hope it gets better.

Firnlambe: I feel like, once the romance factor gets amped up, we will have a lot more entertaining scenes. I can already tell our OTP has great chemistry together, I just hope the time-traveling aspect of the plot won’t go all super confusing and ruin them for me. I was extremely amused by So Joon reaction from when he went forward 3 months and was married to Ma Rin. I’m a bit sad that he was able to avoid that rapid marriage, because that relationship progression would have been hysterical to watch.

Ajummah: Highlight for me was when Ma Rin and So Joon had drinks and appetizers. She really got drunk. I mean, did you see how red her face was? That whole scene made me laugh out loud. Why in the world did she get so drunk with someone whose name she didn’t even know? I really wanted them to get married by episode 3 so that we could find out the answer to why they were together during the car crash. But since he managed to change the future, it left me wondering.

June: I really hope the time travel aspect doesn't get too messy with this drama. I can see how that can ruin the drama but I have hopes that it won’t!

Firnlambe: Time travel is always a sticky plot point. I mean, I’m not even sure how time-travel works in this world. Is it something that can constantly change the future no matter what? Or are all the major MAJOR life events set in stone? I really hope not, because I don't think I can handle another drama where we’re told that a lead character is going to die within the first 10 mins of the show…..I’m looking at you, drama that I won’t name for potential spoilers sake…..Actually, what I really want to learn is who So Joon’s “teacher” is. I’m gonna go out on a limb and make an educated guess--in order to even become a time-traveler, you have to go through some world changing event. Which then brings up the question, what horrible thing happened in his life to make him a traveler as well? Answers! I need answers!

Ajummah: Agreed. All I have questions. Like, when So Joon went to see the time-travelling ajussi, what were all those newspaper clippings about? Were they about his past or were they about So Joon’s? Why didn’t he answer the door? Why did it take So Joon 49 days before he “traveled”?

And what about Ma Rin? What is her story? She started out as a child actress but what happened? Why did she turn out that way? Why does she cling to that loser friend of hers? So many QUESTIONS!!!!

June: So many questions and I hope all of them answered!! I don’t want any of it glossed over, especially because I feel like all this time traveling can get real complicated real quick.

Firnlambe: Also! Why isn’t Ma Rin a time-traveler? She was at the exact same place at the exact same time, so why was the time-travel “gift” given to So Joon only? //sigh// it’s only the first week Firnlambe, be patient. //shakes head// Ok well questions aside, I really do feel bad for Ma Rin. She always claims she’s not a celebrity, yet she is ALWAYS the tabloids favorite person to rain down on….what else has she done beside her childhood role to garner that much attention?

Ajummah: And what’s up with her mother? I felt so bad for her when her mother was raining down the insults like a gloomy cloud. Is her mother a gold digger? They made it seem like she’s after money and was riding her daughter’s fame. The way she kept trying to set up Ma Rin with the reporter made me frown. Out of ALL the people, she had to pick a reporter? However, do you think the reporter will be the second lead? It’s probably too early to tell. *sigh* must be patient.

June: Oh my gosh, I can tell the mom is going to be the designated person that I do not like in this drama. She already seems insufferable and horrible. Like this is your daughter, why don’t you treat her better! Ugh! I feel like they are trying to set it up that the reporter us the second lead, but you never know in k-dramaland what they will really do.

Firnlambe: Good Lord her mother . . . what a horrid personality. I mean she isn’t the worst mother I’ve had the displeasure of watching, but she sure doesn’t take her daughter’s feelings into consideration. I never considered that our Second Lead Syndrome would come from the reporter, but if that happens I’ll be ok with it. I really liked the reporter’s personality. I also really want to know what was in the full article about the crash. If there isn’t any additional information besides what the flashbacks have shown us, I’ll be a bit disappointed.

Ajummah: Let’s just hold all of our questions until after we see the next episodes. Hopefully the storyline will pick up and the writers give us the answers we so desperately need.

So what do you think, Travelers? Did you enjoy the first two episodes of Tomorrow With You or are you like us and were left wanting more? Make sure you stick with us as we continue to discuss all things time-travel worthy. Make sure you also check out next week’s episodes of Tomorrow With You!

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