Welcome back, Travellers! We almost made it to the end of Tomorrow With You! Lines have been crossed, promises have been made and three drama watchers are so glad that this drama is almost over. Are you loving this show or are counting down the episodes to the end? Join Firnlambe, Ajummah, and June as we tackle the last four episodes and try to figure out how will this all end.

Ajummah: I get a stomach ache every time I watch an episode. I don’t know if it’s because everything has gotten so damn sad or if I’m ready for this drama to be over. So Joon really pissed me off this week and I’m just so *sigh* over it.

Firnlambe: I---I’m ready for this to be over. Not even gonna lie to you all. If all of this pacing had happened 2 or 3 weeks ago I would have been more inclined to enjoy the story, but since it happened so late in the game my interest had already been lost.

June: I'm with you all too on that note. It's honestly so hard to pay attention or get into it now because it just feels like it's too late.

Ajummah: The fact that it took So Joon over a damn hour to decide who he wants to be with future Ma Rin or present Ma Rin, made me so ANGRY. He treated her (present Ma Rin) like doggy doo-doo. The scene where he told her she was burdensome because she was upset that he didn’t call in two days. It had me hollering. If I had a fight with my husband and walked out and he didn’t call me in two days, I’d be pissed. Like ready to have another screaming fight, pissed. I took offense for her. Ma Rin did play it cool, though.

Firnlambe: That made me upset too. I was all “I know you love her. I KNOW it. So why don’t you just tell her your problems already?” The fact that he refused to even consider what is good for them at present time concerns me. It’s clear that the future is very susceptible to what is done in the past, so he really shouldn’t listen to what is said when he visits the other world. I hope he learns from this mistake and takes what is happening in the present as more important than things that are in the future . . . . honestly, that’s something I hope Time Travel Ajusshi takes into consideration as well. I have a gut feeling that he is doing more harm than good in his endeavors.

June: I was pretty damn furious at So Joon’s behavior this past week. I honestly don't know how Ma Rin puts up with it. He needs to decide asap what the hell he wants to do in the present and the future. I just don't get what he is trying to achieve with all this.

Ajummah: How long is this drama? When will Ma Rin find out that is her father? When will So Joon? Why are they cramming all this stuff into the last few dramas? *screams soundlessly at drama writers*

Director Scumbag has chased his wife out of the house in her pajamas. Her PAJAMAS. How is that going to play out? It’s not like she can go back home and everything be great again. So what’s happening next? There are only a few episodes left and we STILL don’t know if Ma Rin and So Joon will die in the car accident.

Firnlambe: That’s the problem with this drama. Too many questions with not enough answers. If they gave us answers before adding to the questions list I wouldn’t be nearly as confused/upset. I hope Director Scumbag’s wife stays far away. I know she was annoying at first, but that was all it was. An annoyance. She has never posed a real threat to Ma Rin so it would be nice to see her contribute to her husband’s downfall.

June: Sigh. Let's just see how this all ends I guess.

Firnlambe: Well at least it starting to really pick up the pace...right? That’s a good thing, isn’t it? I mean, who cares that we only have two episodes left, at least the ending will be somewhat exciting lol

June: It’s been a kind of funny ride on how the pacing is good one week and the next it went back to being weird. I guess they want to go out with a bang for the ending.

Ajummah: I’m so done with this drama. Sorry but it’s true. I no longer care if they die or if the time traveling ahjussi gets to have a happy ever after with Ma Rin and her mother. UGH!

Firnlambe: I’ll admit that it's kind of interesting seeing all the plot point start to come together here at the end. I’m glad we are getting more closure with Ma Rin’s father, and I’m glad that So Joon is paying more attention to the needs of his wife “in the now”...but I’m worried about how Director Scumbag is rapidly deteriorating into madness. Like--really--his progression seems exceptionally fast, even for a Kdrama.

June: For real! I’m just waiting for this Director to essentially break and all hell will be let loose. On one hand, I did like all the cutest moments we got from our main couple, but man I was like I had to essentially wait 13-14 episodes in to watch this! We were robbed! Lol

Ajummah: This man has got to be the craziest person ever. I think he’s going to kill Gun Sook. I feel it in my bones. Did you see how he was screaming at her and trying to hit her? Also...if you were in her position, would you rat your friend out? I don’t think I would. She told him that Ma Rin had the black box. What the flim-flam? You see how violent he is. Why would you put anyone else in danger like that?

Firnlambe: She’s always been the type of character to look out for “number one” as it were….so her tossing Ma Rin under the bus for her own survival did not come as a surprise to me. sigh I think overall there was just too much build up in this show instead of trying to focus on building up the questions during weeks one and two, then give some answers the next week and then repeat. Anyways, I digress--back to the current episodes. I agree that the lovely moments between our OTP was a much-needed factor. It helped make the rest of my frustrations bearable. I’m looking at you Ma Rin...seriously, you were told to go straight home because it was dangerous for you to walk alone. And what do you do?!?! You get dropped off God knows how far away from your house, instead of right in front of it (╯‵Д′)╯︵ ┻━┻. Consequently causing you to be placed in said danger. GAH! so much annoyed.

Ajummah: Was I the only one screaming over the ending of episode 14? You know the man is trying to kidnap your wife so rather than walk her safely home, you put her in a damn cab, which drops her off 6 blocks away from her house and ding ding ding she gets freaking kidnapped. Or she will in the next episode. Meanwhile, So Joon is running around town screaming for Director Scumbag… oh, this show is maddening.

June: This is one thing I don’t get in dramas. I’m like they told you it was dangerous so why do you continue to do the opposite. I’m like they always go looking for trouble! But I totally agree about the build up and question and answer thing. If we had the answers, earlier on, I feel like drama would have been better.

Firnlambe: I want to discuss more but it’s hard guys….it’s really hard. I feel bad that I can’t bring myself to like this drama more. I really enjoy watching the cast in their other works so it makes me sad that this show did nothing for me even though it had such great casting. Hmmm, what else did I actually enjoy in the latest episodes? Oh! I mentioned it before, but I’m really glad that Ma Rin got to see her father. Granted it was in the future, but STILL! Progress man! I just hope he is able to finally explain why he has been doing what he’s been doing over these last 14 episodes.

June: I’m in the same boat. I love Shin Min Ah and she’s really the only reason I keep watching this drama. But yes! Yay for Ma Rin seeing her dad! It took a while and it was for her future self but at least we saw it.

Ajummah: since we are discussing positives, I am glad that our second leads are together...I think they’re together? The way the ran to each other and then showed up out of breath...it was really cute. Ki Doong is quite possibly my favorite character. Se Young is still not cool with me but hey, I’m all for love connections. OH!!! And Ki Doong and Ma Rin getting drunk together is also a favorite. So yes, yay for Ki Doong.

Firnlambe: Oooo yes! Good point. I’m glad those two are together as well. It’s nice to see that something won't change in the future. The whole drunk scene with Ki Doong and Ma Rin was hysterical as well. We knew that a drunk Ma Rin is a funny Ma Rin, but I was not expecting Ki Doong to be just as humorous. So that was a nice surprise.

So what are your thoughts, Travellers? We have finally reached the end of the road! Are you going to stick with the drama for the final week or drop it like a hot potato? Let us know in the comment section below and we will see you next week!

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