We’ve reached the end Travelers! Closure is upon us as the writers of Tomorrow With You finally tie up all of their loose ends. Does everything finally have a happy ending? Or does Director Scumbag get away with murder? Join June, Ajummah, and Firnlambe as they share their final thoughts about episodes 15 & 16.

Ajummah: FINALLY //shakes fists in happiness// we are DONE! The last two episodes should have been spread out over the last few episodes, action wise, but all in all, I liked how the drama ended. I laughed, cried and screamed in frustration.

Firnlambe: //chorus of Angels appear behind her// Praise be!! This show is over. I can’t express how thankful I am to be rid of this show. I really do wish these writers hadn’t dropped the ball on this show. It had such strong potential. I mean really, they could have done away with some of the “build up” and focused more on Ji Soo trying to figure out how to save them from death’s door. I would have been much happier in the long run.

June: What a joyous week because this drama has finally finished! It was a very emotional time trying to watch this drama and a lot of frustration, but here we are. I agree that this drama had a lot of potential but the push and pull this drama had was way too much!

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Ajummah: So what do we think about how So Joon and Ma Rin ended up? I was actually hurt that the Time Travelling Ajussi sacrificed himself for them. Why couldn’t they move out of the street? Why just stand there for like 30 mins waiting for a car to hit them? I almost through my laptop when I saw that.

Firnlambe: //RAGE!!!// OH--MY--GOD…...Ma Rin!! I have issues with you girl. Your marriage license is saved electronically or at the very least they have a copy of the written document. What does this mean?!? It means you’re dumb self had no need to run headlong into ONCOMING TRAFFIC!!!!! (╯‵Д′)╯︵ ┻━┻ I mean honestly. Your father would have lived if you would have common sense.

June: I KNOW RIGHT!!!! I was just like why are you just standing in the middle of the road!!! I was like GET OUT MOVE DO SOMETHING. Ugh, I just could not understand that. I was so sad when her dad sacrifice himself but I mean I guess they had to write something about this scene and this is the best they came up with?

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Ajummah: Just wanted to punch her in the face, ugh. Moving on can I just say that Ki Doong won my heart once again when he went charging after Director Scumbag in the police station?!?! That took guts. He kicked the blankity blank out of that chair. Oh, and how he sank down on his haunches when he thought that Director Scumbag murdered So Joon. That is a true friend indeed. I like that actor and the character he played. I might need to look up his other dramas to see if he did a good job in them as well.

Firnlambe: I was really happy to see how involved Ki Doong became at the end of this series.I'm also really happy that his relationship with (whats her name again) is so strong. Their relationship surprised me, in a good way. I know I’ve said I dislike this show (and I do) but if they had decided to not give our main couples happy endings in the end, I may have been prepared to chuck pillows at my TV. I just wish there had been mini-me's running around.

June: I agree with everything you all said about Ki Doong. He really pulled through in the end! I was surprised at that relationship too but I mean they had something going on from like last week or the week before’s episodes. I was glad they had a happy ending too. Overall, I was happy that there was a happy ending, but still a little bitter at the Dad’s death.

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Ajummah: Same, June. Same. I feel bad for Ma Rin’s mother because it seemed like they were going rekindling their relationship and now… well anyway, I guess it needed to be done. Director Scumbag, he got what he deserved, didn’t he? So Joon whipped his tail on that subway before he got stabbed. He’s in jail for how many counts of murder? Two? Three? Well anyway, I’m glad that they caught him. I’m glad his wife got divorced. Hopefully, she and the Secretary hooked up.

Firnlambe: As long as he is away and unable to escape I don’t care. The man totally deserved all that he got and more. I think the secretary was hysterical. Particularly when he found all of Flower’s “predictions”. I was half expecting him to start adding more comments in an attempt to utilize the situation to his advantage, but I’m glad they stuck to simply having him dress in ridiculous clothes lol.

June: As long as he’s out of the picture, I don’t care what happens to him. He was crazy! I’m glad his wife divorced him too. She wasn’t my favorite person but she didn’t deserve to go through all of that.

Well, folks, that’s it. Everything ended as smoothly as it could. We here on the Drama Club are glad to be done with the show, even though we love the cast individually we would have preferred to let this show finish and then marathon it all at once. How about you? Did you love the show? Hate the show? Could care less about the show? We would love to read your take on things, not everyone has the same drama tastes and so if you have a differing opinion we’d love to hear your reasonings. If you feel like reading along with us again, June and Ajummah are not working on any Drama Clubs at the moment, but Firnlambe is on the Strong Woman Do Bong Soon club if you wish to check that out. Best wishes towards your next drama selection! 

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