Hello Travelers! Last week we said Tomorrow With You was moving too slow. Episode 3 and 4 definitely escalated the movement into a higher plane, well--at least where our main characters are concerned. Join Ajummah, Firnlambe and June as we discuss many of the current happenings of week two. As well as what has got to be the fastest, non-contract related, marriage progression in the history of all Kdramas.

Firnlambe: OK, THIS is the type of pacing that I was hoping for from week one.

Ajummah: YES! I was dancing all around my room with this episode. That kiss! That bedroom scene! My goodness! Where to begin?

June: This week was honestly a blessing. The pacing, the kiss, everything was great! Like this was what I was waiting for!

Firnlambe: Well I suppose we can start with how I really enjoyed that once Ma Rin discovered that So Joon was really the man who got off the subway with her, she didn’t let him just automatically make up with her. She made him work for it...or at least she did for the most part. Plus I finally got to see his rapid descent into marriage.Something that I thought was taken away from me in week one.

Ajummah: And what a rapid descent that was! I seriously think that had to have been the fastest I’ve ever seen in a drama, and I’ve seen A LOT of dramas. I think Ma Rin did well in not rushing to be with the perfect man. She even tried to avoid him during that awful dinner party.

June: Rapid is definitely the right word. I was pretty surprised that they got marriage so fast. I feel like that super rare in k-dramaland but hey whatever works right. Haha!

Firnlambe: Definitely was the fastest marriage that wasn’t arranged via contract. That dinner party though. I was really happy Ma Rin and So Joon didn’t let that horrid woman walk all over our dear Bap Soon.

Ajummah: I know there are worse friends than Gun Suk, but my GOODNESS! I laughed a bit over their quiet fight, but I applauded Ma Rin for finally telling her that she was not going to bend over backwards for her anymore. And when So Joon told her that he would remember how she treated Ma Rin during the dinner party and that they should meet often...LOL! Incredible!

June: That one frenemy is really something. I can't stand her and every time she's on the screen, I want to just turn it off! I was glad when Ma Rin finally was like enough.

Firnlambe: I really hope we’ve reached the end of Ma Rin’s collection. And by “collection” I'm talking about the really selfish/spiteful/vindictive people, like her "friend" and mother, which her life seems to attract in droves. I mean, she doesn’t need that on top of all the stress I’m sure is still coming down the pipes. Because--I don’t know about you guys--but the way So Joon looks at Ma Rin as he is leaving the house after the wedding was concerning.

Ajummah: I didn’t notice her during the wedding, though I did see her husband there so maybe the writers will leave that storyline alone. There are so many other stories we need completed. For example, now that they are married, will that change the date of the their death? Will it speed up the time? And what of the other time traveler? What is he investigating?

June: I have so many questions with the whole timeline. Though I'm really just concerned with the time of their deaths and if that will really ever change or is this what this drama will ultimately lead up to.

Firnlambe: I have this gut feeling that the time line has never changed. He still got married in 3 months time. Which means when he went forward in time and saw that “things were back to normal” it was because something happened to their relationship and they separated . . . hear me out before everyone starts calling me crazy lol. During the time that So Joon was speaking to his future self near the time of their death, future Joon said “why don’t you try making things work with that woman”. To me this means that even though they did marry, the key to changing their fate would be making the marriage last.

Ajummah: You’re crazy! Lol, kidding, Seriously though, I could see that happening. But why would they separate? There are no second male leads pinning after Ma Rin, that I know of. The only other women that I’ve seen interested in So Joon is Oh So Ri and she’s been avoiding him since the wedding. So why would they go astray?

June: I can see that as being plausible! But that's true also that there currently isn't any other male leads after Ma Rin. It just makes me wonder, what happens in their marriage that made it not work out. Hmmm, what could it be, what could it be?

Firnlambe: I have no solid theories for this, but I would make an educated guess that it’s because So Joon is super secretive and still won’t tell her that the reason he is able to be so accurate with the weather and with what will work best for work is due to the fact that he can time travel. Though I’m sure I’m incorrect. Since we’re talking about the time travel subject, anyone have any ideas why past So Joon didn’t die in the future when his future self did?

Ajummah: Was it because he was far away from future So Joon? I honestly have no idea on that one. I guess we’ll find out in the next two episodes. 

Well we're no longer able to claim that this show is slow any longer, and for that we're thankful. What about you? Are you happy with which the pace of this drama is now moving? Do you have any theories as to why So Joon didn't permanently disappear while in the future at the time of his death? Maybe you have a clear answer in your mind as to why the other time traveler is creeping around our OTP. Be sure to let us know in the comment section below and we'll talk with you next week for episodes 5 & 6 of Tomorrow with You.

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