Hello everyone and welcome to this week’s episodes of Tomorrow With You! We’re in the third week of this drama and we are seeing our main couple in their new newlywed lives and a glimpse of what everything is leading up to. Join June Ajummah and Firnlambe as we discuss this week’s episodes.

Ajummah: Sooooo looks like we are back to the feelings I had from Week 1. I really want to like this drama (because Shin Minah darnnit!) but oh it’s so difficult. Week 2 had me excited because you could really see the drama moving along. They went from breaking up to getting married to well...other things, and now they are right back at snail’s pace. Is anyone else feeling this way?

Firnlambe: I’m gonna be honest here . . . . I fell asleep while watching episode 6. //avoids the random objects chucked her way by the show's fans//. I know, I know. I didn't mean to, but I really hope the pace gets kicked into overdrive soon, because I’m tired of all the questions the writers keep throwing at us. Answers! I need ANSWERS dammit.

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June: I wasn’t very into this week’s episodes at all. Right when I felt like we were going somewhere last week, this week managed to go back 10 steps. I agree with both of you all. We need answers and they need to pick up the pace asap. I’m really just watching this for Shin Minah but even then I’m like dragging myself to click play.

Ajummah: So let’s see if we can find some answers in the middle of this madness. Ma Rin and So Joon get married. Everything is great for a short while until So Joon goes into the future and finds that he has disappeared and now panics because why? He doesn’t know where he went nor does anyone else. He asks his best friend to meet him at a certain date and when he does he still can’t find his answers. Meanwhile Ma Rin is getting suspicious with his random disappearances and is starting to wonder what’s really going on with him. Did I miss anything?

Firnlambe: I still feel like we haven’t been given any answers though. The date that So Joon goes to see his friend on lead to no additional answers, all we learned is that Ma Rin and So Joon’s married life was on the rocks (probably because of his time traveling) and that they never registered the marriage. I still feel like everything will change once So Joon really starts to care for Ma Rin, in a way that isn’t purely for his own survival. Plus I would have been disappointed in Ma Rin if she wasn’t getting suspicious over all of the disappearances. It’s not like So Joon was really being careful to hide all of the things he brought back from the future. But that leads to a whole other can of worms . . . Why even bring back things you know don't exist yet.

June: For real! I’m glad she is catching on though, especially the scene with the magazine. I was like yes girl you don’t let it go and keep asking him! I agree though, there are so many more answers that we need. Also, I’m going to need So Joon to start caring a bit more, so that their future can change. I’m so curious as to why he just disappears. I need answers writers and I need them now!!

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Ajummah: If my theory is correct, next week’s episodes will be amazing. Maybe we’ll find out what’s going on with future So Joon. We might even see some progression of all these side stories like whatever is going on with the crew at Happiness and why the time-travelling ajusshi is trying to do business with Kim Yong-Jin.

Firnlambe: I swear if this show is a rollercoaster of “one week slow….next week awesome!” I may end up with a mangled laptop. I’m glad you brought up time-traveling ajusshi. I don’t trust him, not one bit. One of the readers had a theory that he may be Ma Rin father, and I like that idea, but if that’s the case he’s doing a really poor job of keeping her happy.

June: What an interesting theory, but I agree if he’s trying to keep her happy, it’s not really working. I don’t really know how I feel about the time-traveling ajusshi, but I don’t really get a good vibe from him. I can’t really put my finger on why yet. He just seems so sketchy. Haha. Why do I have a feeling that this drama is going to be the type where everything will be awesome one week and the next be like sike, you thought wrong!

Ajummah: Time-travelling ajusshi doesn’t answer the door whenever So Joon comes calling. He’s doing shady dealings with Yong Jin. He’s keeping secrets (I know he is). I don’t think he can be trusted. I feel bad for So Joon. He just wants to know why he’s going to die on a certain date. I feel bad for Ma Rin because she really loves So Joon but he’s not being truthful to her. Not just with the time travelling stuff, but with the fact that he’s involved with Happiness. He has to know that Se Young is in love with him and now hates his wife, which has got to be inconvenient since they now work together. This was just a frustrating week.

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Firnlambe: ugh….Se Young. That woman is extremely annoying. I get that you are upset that the person you loved doesn’t love you back, but when you sit there and never say a word about your feelings--you lose the right to feel disgruntled when things suddenly don’t go the way you planned. Her attitude was/is extremely annoying to me.

June: There always has to be that one second lead that is annoying because they never get the person they want and this drama is no different. Se Young needs to get over it or fix her attitude. I get annoyed anytime she is on the screen and I want to skip her parts every time she’s on my computer screen. Like girl just go away!

Well right when we thought the pacing was going somewhere, it seems like we are back to square one. Do you all agree with the way we think the drama’s pacing is too slow? Anyone else still confused and want answers? What are you all’s theories on why So Joon suddenly disappears! Be sure to comment below and tell us your thoughts. Until then, let’s see what next week has in store for us.

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