Welcome back Travellers to this week’s dramaclub for Tomorrow With You! Lots of things were revealed and lots more questions were asked. Join June, Firnlambe,and Ajummah as they discuss what happened during the last two episodes and what they think will happen next!

Firnlambe: I thought I said I didn’t want a roller coaster from dull to exciting….that being said this week was certainly more entertaining than last week. I really can’t keep up with the transitions from future to present.

Ajummah: Can I just say Firnlambe, that you called it? Last week you said that Ma Rim’s father was the time traveling ajusshi and we find it out this week. Are you a time traveler too? But I agree, the episodes had us on an emotional roller coaster.

June: For real! As I was watching this week’s episodes, our conversations from last week immediately came to mind! Even though it was an emotional rollercoaster, I was glad it picked up compared to last week.

Firnlambe: lol ahhhh actually I can’t take credit for that prediction. That belongs to our Time Traveler oregongal47 from the comments. They were the one’s who placed that plot bunny in my brain. I’m actually really glad it turned out that way, but I wish he wasn’t quite so shady. It really makes it hard to trust his intentions.

Ajummah: Ahh well I thank them for that. It brings up more questions though for me. For starters, why didn’t she recognize her father? I know she said she hadn’t seen him in a long time but her mom has a picture in her wallet. Has she never seen it? Also, why is ajusshi messing around with the guy no one seems to like? Giving him money to run a deal behind So Joon’s back. It all seems so shady.

June: He is for sure shady and I still don’t know if I trust him or not. Like you mentioned before, how come Ma Rin doesn’t remember him? I feel like this ahjussi just spells out trouble.

Firnlambe: Exactly. I can’t trust him. Particularly since I sense DOOM is just around the corner. I blame my doom radar on future Ma Rin’s vague warning to not let So Ri go to Japan, and the snippet’s of her father being crushed under construction materials. Both of those can’t end well for So Joon and Ma Rin’s happiness--and it’s extremely frustrating. All these questions are frustrating, though, so I suppose I shouldn’t be too surprised.

Ajummah: Speaking of frustrating, So Joon and Ma Rin’s love storyline got on my blanikty blank nerves. He was acting like a jerk and while I understood Ma Rin’s frustrations with his lies, I didn’t like how she played coy with him. I actually screamed at my screen “Tell him how you feel!” Obviously, it didn’t work in my favor. I feel like 45 minutes could have been saved if she told him that his lies were making her feel unloved. And what was up with the random lymph node infection?

June: Ugh their love storyline makes me so frustrated and it’s one of the reasons I feel like throwing out my computer each week. I’m like this can all be done and over with if they actually told each the truth and how they feel. I just can’t with them.

Firnlambe: gasp They can’t be allowed to speak about their feelings--how dare you even suggest such a thing? Clearly, they are the King and Queen of misunderstandings, normal communication is not allowed in their realm. As for the random lymph node. I chalk it up to just pure need to put them in a situation that could garner an emotional response out of us viewers. There really wasn’t any need to have her suddenly fall sick.

Ajummah: Well they definitely got emotional responses out of me this week. I cried when Ma Rin overheard So Joon talking with his friends at dinner and she stormed off, got on the bus and sulked. I don’t why but I felt so bad for her. All she wanted to do was love him and for him to love her. I personally felt like So Joon married her to change his future, not out of love. Now that they are together he is starting to have feelings for her but hasn’t fully realized it yet.

June: I just want him to really start caring for her and not just for him to change his future. As time goes on, I think this is why things are going so south in their relationship. I just want to shake So Joon and be like, just be real with her!! It’s getting so annoying.

Firnlambe: Oh he for sure only married her because he thought it would change his future. Only it really hasn’t changed anything. He was always going to end up marrying her in 3 months time, and I bet they will break up as well. A marriage with no trust or open love between the parties is doomed to fail eventually if they don’t work at it. Clearly, Ma Rin loves So Joon, so I don’t worry about that side of the coin--but So Joon is only just starting to open up to Ma Rin…….and it infuriates me. Lol I just want their blow up to happen asap so we can work on piecing their relationship back together for the happy ending they both deserve.

Ajummah: I guess they need this strife to keep the show going. I guess Ma Rin’s friend telling her that her husband was having an affair with his best friend wasn’t stressful enough. I laughed all through that situation.

Firnlambe: Agreed. That whole situation was amusing. I just wish the friend would get over her jealousy and notice that her husband is up to some shady things. I know she’s seen him after talking with Ma Rin’s father, so I can only hope she either falls off the radar completely out tries to do the right thing by informing Ma Rin that something is indeed up.

So what are your thoughts travelers? Are you second guessing every interaction like we are or are you just sitting back and enjoying the series? Let us know what you thought of the episodes in the comment section below and we will see you next week after watching Tomorrow With You!

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