Travelers! Truths are finally revealed, but the danger factor for our merry band of characters has also been kicked into overdrive. Will fate be kind and look the other way? Slowly but surely we'll get the answers we all so desperately desire. Join Ajummah, June and Firnlambe as we discuss the many twists and turns that this week had to offer, and finally start getting excited over where Tomorrow with You is heading.

Firnlambe: THIS IS WHAT I NEEDED FROM THE BEGINNING!!! //deep breaths// . . . . . seriously though. Why couldn’t we have had this pacing, consistently, from the start?

Ajummah: I...I don’t even know where to begin. After watching the episodes I felt so sick to my stomach. I was screaming, crying, EVERYTHING! Ajusshi. Why? Why couldn’t they save him? Why are they making me actually care about characters in this drama, lol?

June: Talk about a twist in the drama and actually picking up the pace for once. Why does this drama do this to us!! One week, I’m almost done with this drama and the next I can’t take my eyes off the screen. I feel like there’s no in-between! Haha! I was pretty sad though with this death. I knew someone was going to die, but dang it still sucks to see someone go.

Firnlambe: lmao I feel the same way, but with a slight twist. I had it stuck in my head the entire time that a death would still occur, but since they tried to forcibly change the future the person dying would shift. I was convinced that Ki Doong would die instead. So my feelings are conflicted on if I should be happy destiny didn’t really change or not. I can’t wait for Director Scumbag to be ripped to shreds for this--and if that doesn’t happen I’ll be pissed.

Ajummah: What I want to know is why the Time-travelling ajusshi doesn’t want So Joon to know it was Director Scumbag who killed Happiness ajusshi? Also, what in the world??? How did this meek and annoying Director become a murderer? Why did they take such a dark turn? Does this mean that Mi Ran and So Joon won’t die in a car crash but will be murdered? So many questions. I always have questions.

June: This drama is just filled with questions. But for real, I want to know what happened that makes this guy want to straight up murder some people. Like what the heck! That really does make me wonder about how future Ma Rin and So Joon’s end does happen.

Firnlambe: He has a lot of pent up rage that’s for sure. Now, while I don’t like his wife, I hope she can see it and get out while she can. She hasn’t done anything deserving of being dragged through the mud with him. He was destined to commit this murder no matter what. It was an event set in stone so I can't say I was too disappointed in him.

Ajummah: I’m still grumpy about it but I will let it slide for now. Other questions for me, as I said before, was what’s happening with Ma Rin’s future? Will she still die? Won’t she? Every time I see her in the future, she’s alive,so…

Ajummah: OH! And also Ma Rin’s mother knows who the father is. She has his picture and she was waiting for him at the bank. Does that mean she knows he’s a traveller as well?

June: Yeah as much as I don’t like his wife, this is something that will deeply affect her if she were ever to find out and I feel bad for her in that sense. But dang, there is something really wrong with the guy. I’m pretty worried for Ma Rin’s future because it just seems so up in the air as to what will happen to her.

Ajummah: As dumb as Director Scumbag’s wife is, I don’t wish anything ill of her. I don’t think he’ll do anything to her. I wonder what will be his next move. What will be So Joon’s next move too? He’s in mourning right now but I know (I hope) that by next week he’ll be thinking it's not an accident. And he’ll start figuring things out. He does seem to get obsessed over things.

Firnlambe: If he doesn’t start thinking that way I’ll be disappointed in his character lol

June: Very true! He’s for sure going to try and figure out what happened. Well what was unexpected for me was the two second leads sleeping with each other. Lol I was like well there’s that.

Ajummah: It was so random! And you didn’t even get to see the scenes leading up to it! Freaking flashbacks :( But this must mean that they will end up together.

Firnlambe: I hope so. Both of them deserve to be happy, but the randomness of their night together really did throw me for a loop lol. Though I suppose it’s better than nothing? Idk lol i'm not too invested in their relationship if I’m 100% honest. I was more pleased that Ma Rin took the news about her husband’s extracurricular activities much better than expected.

Ma Rin finally knows So Joon's secret.  Will she continue to accept him with this new knowledge? Will So Joon finally be able to figure out what needs to be done to keep both him and Ma Rin alive? Sadly, no matter how much he tries, it looks like fate is a cruel mistress. And just when will our time traveling Ajusshi ever reveal himself to Ma Rin and her mother? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, and we'll see you in the next post.

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