If you stop into a cafe in Japan, don't be surprised if you hear the following order: "I'll have two coffees and two bunnies please." Petting a bunny while enjoying a cup of coffee or tea is becoming an increasingly popular option!

Coffee shops like the Usagi Cafe Ohisama (Rabbit Sun Cafe) in Nagoya and Ra.a.g.f in Tokyo let you pick from and hang out with the 20-30 rabbits they typically have on hand. Customers are then free to spend time with the bunnies and even feed them for the day. Many people are visiting the cafe because they say the animals are a great way to relive stress, and besides who wouldn't want to drink a coffee with a bunny?

Looks like these rabbits are enjoying some milk and expresso. They're probably Italian.

Give the rabbits their favorite foods!

The rabbits are also known as the "employees" of the coffee shops.