The duck is back! After partaking in a lengthy global tour, the world's largest inflatable duck is returning to Japan from now until October 27th. The duck first made its debut in Japan in 2009 as part of the Aqua Metropolis Osaka festival. Since that time, the over 45-foot bird has traveled the world including Sydney, Pittsburgh and Hong Kong, and has seen some hardships.

It was reportedly stabbed 40 times in Belgium (who stabs a rubber duckie?) and last May when the bird was in Hong Kong, officials deflated the duck overnight for maintenance causing quiet an uproar. The big yellow duck is an art project by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman, and will once again be part of the Aqua Metropolis Osaka which happens mostly in Nakanoshima Park.

Big yellow guy saying what's up to Pittsburgh!

Looks like the bird is trying to hide and it's not working.

Ok, who hurt the bird?