Some people have absolutely no problem with it, but using a selfie stick may be a little embarrassing for others, especially when taking a photo in front of strangers when you're all alone. But one Japanese man who had that exact problem decided to do something about it, making for himself a special "selfie arm" so he wouldn't feel so awkward anymore when striking a pose in public. And from the looks of it, he's proud of his invention, but how he doesn't feel awkward or embarrassed when using it is anybody's guess.

Going by the name Monsoon, an inventive Japanese man from Tokyo created his very own "selfie arm," a device to replace the conventional selfie stick. According to Monsoon's logic, using a selfie stick is embarrassing, and he knows this because of all the times he's gotten looks from passersby when using one in public. Not wanting to deal with the constant shame he experienced just for taking selfies, he went home and figured out a way to proudly take photos of himself without feeling like a fool.

What Monsoon did was purchase two plastic hands on the internet, molded them onto his selfie sticks, and attached his phone onto the right palm. He then added extra long sleeves to a shirt he already had so that he could cover the stick while taking his selfies. His invention was rather easy to create! Excited, Monsoon went out by himself to Asakusa and the Tokyo Skytree, both very popular tourist sites in Tokyo, and started snapping away. To say that he got more strange looks than when he used to just use a regular selfie stick would be quite an understatement. But maybe the people who were gawking at him just think he had some really long arms.

Looks totally natural!

Monsoon becomes a tourist attraction himself

Long arms are useful when taking selfies in a crowd