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Netizens have been buzzing about a scene in a recent episode of JTBC’s new drama, Cruel Palace: War of the Flowers. In the episode, Yam Jun (Kim Hyun Joo) learns how to seduce men from a gisaeng, or Korean geisha. The gisaeng takes Yam Jun out in the rain in a white hanbok and makes her stand there. And then Yam Jun is told something kind of weird: “You have to count every single raindrop wetting your body. Only then can you feel the snake’s tongue licking your body.” Soon, her wet hanbok reveals the silhouette of her body.

After this scene was aired, some netizens reacted negatively. People commented that “it’s awkward to see such exposures in every episode,” “there are many exposing scenes unnecessary to the development of the story,” “it’s good to show the feminine side of gisaeng...but this is too much.”

Do you think those netizens are overreacting, especially after the breastfeeding scene commotion, or are the scenes really too much for you? (Source: