Does your new year's resolution include catching up on great dramas? We are here to help. Aside from current on-air dramas, there are also new fascinating Asian dramas that are sure to please DramaFever viewers. Take a look at the new list and their release dates! The very first new drama will start on January 8.

Let's start with the current on-air dramas that are broadcast on a simulcast schedule, followed by upcoming dramas.

1. I'm Not a Robot - on air now!

A man stays away from people because of a rare and severe allergy. Nevertheless, he falls in love with a woman who pretends to be a robot.

The drama stars Yoo Seung Ho (Ruler: Master of the Mask) and Chae Soo Bin (Rebel: Thief of the People).


I'm Not a Robot

Starring Yoo Seung Ho and Chae Soo Bin

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2. Tribes and Empires: The Storm of Prophecy - on air now! 

The prince of a crumbling dynasty escapes the castle that has confined him. But when his empire is about to fall, it’s time for a homecoming. The fantasy romantic drama stars three of China's hottest leading men with a huge ensemble cast in a fantastic, jaw-dropping production.


Tribes and Empires: The Storm of Prophecy - 九州·海上牧云记

Starring Huang Xuan and Shawn Dou

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3. Running Man - ongoing!

The longtime favorite show is back with new episodes! Our fans are happy, so are we!

4. A Seven-faced Man - on air now!

An inexperienced medical intern signs up to treat seven different personalities. They all just happen to be in the same guy. Find out more about Zhang Yi Shan, the young rising actor who accepted the challenge to play a man with multiple personalities.


A Seven-Faced Man - 柒个我

Starring Zhang Yi Shan and Cai Wen Jing

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5. Nirvana in Fire 2 - on air now!

The long-awaited sequel to the acclaimed martial-arts historical romance, Nirvana in Fire, is finally here. It stars Huang Xiao Ming, one of China's top leading men, and new young stars Liu Hao Ran and Zhang Hui Wen. Read this First Impression to get a first look.


Nirvana in Fire II - 琅琊榜之风起长林

Starring Huang Xiao Ming and Liu Hao Ran

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Add these new titles to your calendar!

6. Spring Has Come - January 13

The new Japanese drama will launch on Saturday mornings starting January 13, with one episode a week. The mini-drama has only 5 episodes total. It stars EXO's Kai and Japanese actress Kana Kurashina.


Spring Has Come

Starring Kim Jong In (Kai) and Kurashina Kana

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7. Reunited Worlds - January 19

A woman sees her high-school boyfriend again, even though he died 12 years ago. She is now 31, but he doesn't look a day older than 19.  Popular actors Yeo Jin GooLee Yeon Hee, and Ahn Jae Hyun star in the fantasy romantic drama.


Reunited Worlds

Starring Yeo Jin Goo and Lee Yeon Hee

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8. Manhole - January 26 

A man wants to prevent his life-long secret crush (Uee) from marrying someone else. Time travel through a manhole is supposed to help. K-pop singer-actor Kim Jae Joong leads in his first drama after completing his military service.

9. The Mystic Nine - TBD in January

Chemistry works overtime in the thrilling period drama that stars Zhao Li Ying (Princess Agents) and Hong King singer-actor William Chan.


The Mystic Nine - 老九门

Starring William Chan and Lay

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10. Longing Heart - January 8

Yes, get ready for Longing Heart starting Monday, January 8, with two new episodes a week.

Also known as My First Love, the new romantic drama stars Lee Jung Shin (Cinderella and Four Knights) in his first romantic leading-man role. Find out more about the drama HERE.

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Longing Heart

Starring Lee Jung Shin and Lee Yeol Eum

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Which shows are you watching? Which new drama do you anticipate the most?

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