On tvN's The List 2015 this week, netizens voted on who they thought were the “coolest Korean male celebrities” (also translated as the "manliest" celebrities). The results were divided between male and female voters, and two top 10 lists were created. Keep reading to see the differences between which actors male netizens thought were the coolest and which actors female netizens thought were the coolest! There are some definite differences between the lists!

2500 men and 2500 women between the ages of 20 and 59 voted, and the top 10 lists are below. The results definitely point to different definitions of "cool" between men and women as the two lists have very little overlap. What do you think of the results? Why do you think male and female netizen choices were so different?

Top 10 Coolest Korean Male Celebrities According to Male Netizens

10. Yoo Jae Suk

9. Jo In Sung

8. Hwang Jung Min

7. Song Kang Ho

6. Won Bin

5. Choi Min Sik

4. Jang Dong Gun

3. Jung Woo Sung

2. Cha Seung Won

1. Ha Jung Woo

Top 10 Coolest Korean Male Celebrities According to Female Netizens

10. Lee Jin Wook

9. Yoo Ah In

8. Song Joong Ki

7. Kim Woo Bin

6. Kang Dong Won

5. Kim Soo Hyun

4. Jo In Sung

3. Jung Woo Sung

2. Won Bin

1. Jang Dong Gun

Only 4 male celebrities overlap between the two lists: Jo In Sung, Jung Woo Sung, Jang Dong Gun, and Won Bin. All these men occupy different spots on each list — taking the top four spots on the women's list and spots 9, 3, 4, and 6 on the men's list respectively. Are these differences due to different definitions of "cool" between men and women? What about these four men screams "cool" to both men and women?

Comment down below on how you feel about the lists and what you think accounts for the discrepancies between them!

Who do you think is the coolest Korean male celebrity?

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