Just recently, a record-breaking winter storm swept through the islands of Japan, causing mayhem and misery for residents and commuters all across the land. Some people, however, took the snowstorm and turned it into an opportunity to show off their creativity, by making some pretty awesome snow sculptures. Check out the top 10 pieces created by Japan's most innovative amateur snow sculptors!

Despite dangerous icy roads, hundreds of cancelled flights, over 600 injuries, and an unfortunate 8 deaths, some people in Japan actually enjoyed the record snowfall. Certain parts of Japan don't see snow like this that often, and by the looks of the funny and original snow sculptures uploaded onto social media, residents were pretty excited to have some fun with the accumulated snow. 

Here are 10 of the best snow sculptures from Japan's recent snowstorm. Enjoy!

1. Somebody's stuck

2. This sculptor used a mask worn by her favorite band for her creations

3. A face protruding from a Tokyo wall

4. Better call the cops

5. Slime from Dragon Quest

6. Snow zombies

7. Totoro

8. Pikachu

9. Raichu

10. Snoopy taking a little nap

Which one was your favorite?

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