There simply is not a day that goes by where K-lingo is misunderstood, and people want to ask 50 million questions about KPOP. It's always, Why this? Why does he look like that? Why is he wearing that? How can you listen to music in another language? O.M.G stopppp messing with the K-Fan flow! The following is a list of some of the most common questions K-POP fans are asked and answers to them. Fellow K-Poppers, feel free to provide your own answers in the comment box below! 1.

Do you understand everything they're saying?

Um no, well yeah, sorta, it doesn't really matter! Music Videos were invented to enjoy the VISUALS just as much as the song itself. Plus stoppp, you and I both know there are singers in our own languages who you can't understand either. #RealTalk



But how can you listen to music when you don't understand the meaning or point?

The music is catchy and sometimes it's better not to understand the words. I know because I looked them up.



Um, why is that guy wearing makeup and tight pants!?

Well first of all, he's wearing stylish skinny jeans or jeggings, and he HAS to in order to show off his "Power Dance" and charisma. Makeup gives him a flawless look even girls envy, and has everyone forgotten the 80s?! Boy George, Prince and M.J rocked the stage with eyeliner and lip gloss for days! Just accept the pretty and dance on.   Key   4.

Why are there so many members in a group?

This is easy! Think of Idol groups as superheros; each member contributes their own special talent. There's a main dancer, a rapper, a super cute one, etc. When brought together they form a super group like Super Junior!^_^

Super Junior


Why is the term Chocolate Abs used to talk about a K-Guy and his abs?

Chocolate abs is used all the time and it has NOTHING TO DO WITH SKIN COLOR. It's literally based on the ridges of a chocolate bar.



What is the deal with Aegyo?!

Aegyo is showing your cute side. Fangirls and boys love to see their male and female Idols acting cute. Idols do it to make their fans happy.




Noooooo! It's pronounced SHINE -E and ok, yeah it looks like Shin plus 2 E's but that's just because. Yes, "because" is the reason.



What is a bias?

A bias is your favorite guy or girl out of a particular group. For example my NU'EST bias is Ren but in SHINee both Onew and Taemin are my biases. Yes you may have more than one bias in a group, the heart knows no rules.



Why is there always just ONE girl being sought after by all 500 members of a group in a MV?

Because the group members themselves are the center of the universe and no one wants to see their boys hanging with a bunch of girls. Honestly, you know how netizens can be at times. (-_-)

Kpop fan girl


 What's with the bright colors and unique wardrobe?

K-POP is fun and upbeat so the clothing and video styles reflect that. Plus eventually you will cross over into the land of buying hot pink skinny jeans. You will.


Can you think of some other K-POP questions you're always asked? KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE