We've already seen that the top 10 Korean actors fans chose were not the same as those who the industry chose. Now it's the Korean actresses' turn. Let's see who DramaFever fans think the top 10 Korean actresses are!

Based on the number of fans each actress has on her DramaFever page, the top ten most popular Korean actresses are:

10. Jung So Min

While playing the adorably naive but determined Oh Ha Ni in Playful Kiss, the talented Jung So Min gained 4,787 fans from all over the world. Now you can watch her in her new drama Big Man!

9. Lee Min Jung

While many of us first noticed her in Boys Over Flowers, the beautiful Lee Min Jung has gone on to gain 4,494 fans with hit dramas like Big, Midas, and the recently airing Sly And Single Again.

8. Gong Hyo Jin

While the talented Gong Hyo Jin gained many new fans with the hit drama of 2013, The Master’s Sun, her 4,603 fans also love her for Greatest Love, Pasta, and more.

7. Song Ji Hyo

Song Ji Hyo had an amazing year with the popular drama Emergency Couple, but many of her 6,749 fans discovered her first in Goong and truly fell in love with her in Running Man.

6. Im Yoon Ah

The always lovely and sweet Yoona has gained 6,867 fans from her dramas Love Rain, Cinderella Man, and Prime Minister and I.

5. Bae Su Ji (Suzy)

The multi-talented singer, actress, and model Suzy won the hearts of 7,352 fans in the amazing and fun dramas Gu Family Book and Dream High.

4. Lee Ji Eun (IU)

IU is so adorable and talented in dramas like Pretty Man, Dream High, and You're the Best Lee Soon Shin that 8,516 people have declared themselves her fans.

3. Gu Hye Sun

While you may have first loved her in her role as Jandi in Boys Over Flowers, Gu Hye Sun is now in the popular currently airing drama Angel Eyes, which makes her 10,411 fans very happy.

2. Yoon Eun Hye

Yoon Eun Hye is a seasoned actress with such popular classic dramas as Goong, Coffee Prince, Take Care of the Young Lady, Lie to Me, and most recently I Miss You and Marry Him if You Dare. Her 15,987 fans can't wait too see what she'll do next!

1. Park Shin Hye

And by far the most popular Korean actress among DramaFever fans with 35,612 likes, Park Shin Hye is the queen of romantic comedies in You're Beautiful, Heartstrings, Flower Boy Next Door, and Heirs. We can't wait to meet her at the DramaFever Awards in less than a week!

Do you agree with these picks? Who would you add to the list? Comment below, and make sure to like the fan pages of your favorite actors and actresses!