When I started tracking which K-drama OSTs had the most views in February, it was filled with songs from Descendants of the Sun featuring a lot of EXO – no complaints there! But then Goblin had just ended and gained so much love, I knew the views were going to change. And after only a month, it did. The views for Goblin’s OSTs are rising fast and strong. The number one OST and the K-drama from which it is from may have changed, but one thing is clear: EXO, and Punch for that matter, stays on top. Here’s the before and after list of the most popular Korean drama OSTs viewed on YouTube!

Note: To give an idea of how the standings have changed, I’ve included the top 10 songs plus an honorable mention.

Standings on February 5:

Standings as of March 9:

The Descendants of the Sun soundtrack is well-loved with six songs in both February and March’s top 10 list, but the previous top two songs from the K-drama have dropped down one place in that time frame. Goblin’s “Stay With Me” by EXO’s ChanYeol and Punch was in third place then, and now, has the coveted no. 1 position. “Beautiful” by Crush from the Goblin soundtrack lingered at the eleventh spot a month ago, but now has risen up three places to rank no. 8. “Beautiful” breaking into the top 10 has sent “Best Luck” by EXO’s Chen from It’s Okay, That’s Love down one from 10 to 11. Scarlet Heart: Ryeo has one song from its soundtrack make the list, and that is “For You” by EXO’s Chen, BaekHyun and Xiumin. The K-pop group also has a song from their own mini K-drama EXO Next Door entitled “Beautiful” sang by BaekHyun included on the list at no. 7.

Watch (or re-watch) the top 10 Korean drama OSTs below!

1. “Stay With Me” by EXO’s ChanYeol and Punch (Goblin)

2. “Everytime” by EXO’s Chen and Punch (Descendants of the Sun)

3. “Always”by Yoon Mi Rae (Descendants of the Sun)

4. “This Love” by Davichi (Descendants of the Sun)

5. “Talk Love” by K. Will (Descendants of the Sun)

6. “You Are My Everything” by Gummy (Descendants of the Sun)

7. “Beautiful” by EXO’s BaekHyun (EXO Next Door)

8. “Beautiful” by Crush (Goblin)

9. “For You” by EXO’s Chen, BaekHyun and Xiumin (Scarlet Heart: Ryeo)

10.“Once Again” by Mad Clown and Kim Na Young (Descendants of the Sun)

What are your personal top 10 K-drama OSTs? Share with us in the comments!


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