You are totally crazy if you haven't tuned in to the new variety show Barefoot Friends starring Yoon Si Yoon, Kim Hyun Joong, Uee, and Super Junior's Eunhyuk! I could not have asked for a better show to end my life than this! The Yoonie/KHJ combo is just too much! I was spazzing to the max on twitter the other night, and I NEED you to spaz along with me! So here it is! I'm dangling a chocolate-covered marshmallow rolled in rainbow sprinkles in the form of the top ten reasons as to why you need to click HERE and watch Barefoot Friends! 10. Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Hyun Joong! This show is such a mega troll that I CANNOT. As KHJ is walking through the airport, the background music is "Almost Paradise" from the Boys Over Flowers O.S.T! All I could see were Yoon Jihoo and F4 flashbacks.

Barefoot Friends Kim Hyun Joong bof

 9. You should be jealous that Uee is the only girl in the cast, but you just can't! She's so cute with her chipmunk, small-animal-person-looking face, and she's awesome in a non-threatening type of way.

Barefoot Friends Uee

8. Yoon Si Yoon is 100% variety show awesomeness! I'm not even just saying that because I love him more than a few of my own family members. Seriously he's so, um, eccentric and happy. He had a fanboy moment meeting KHJ, he did! You can see for yourself at minute 11:14. (-_-) He looked like a deer in headlights at one point, and his backpack is filled with all sorts of unique items that no one has any need for!

Yoon Si Yoon'S Deer in Headlights Face

7. Kim Bum Soo is hilarious. He shows up at the airport completely over-dressed and wakes up completely under-dressed. HA! His little legs, O.M.G!!

Barefoot Friends Kim Bum Soo

6. Eunhyuk in all his ombre-colored hair glory. I don't like the color of his hair but whatever, that's another story. What I do love is his talent for translating Kim Hyun Joong's sentences into words of this universe, and getting lost with tourists.

Barefoot Friends Eunhyuk Ombre hair

5. Placing part of the cast in the middle of the Red Desert in pink piggy blindfolds. Nothing gets better than blindfolding people in pig blindfolds and watching them stumble around, especially in the desert!

Barefoot Friends piggy

Barefoot Friends desert

4.  Yoon Si Yoon and his derp face. There were moments where things were being explained and his facial expressions were just so crazy! You can't help but laugh whenever the camera is on him.

Yoon Si Yoon's Derp Face

3.  The Art of Surprise. This show is awesome because no one ever knows where they're going, or what they're doing until the staff decides to inform them. So far the staff has been telling them what's happening like two seconds before they have to do it, which results in the looks of confusion seen below. Barefoot Friends 2. Fan tweets! Nothing is better than watching a new show at the same time as your friends! Check out some of the tweets sent my way during the 1st episode

Sara's tweet in reference to Yoonie!

fan tweet

Fan tweet

Fan tweet

1. Yoonie's hair is the 9th cast member! It's just so wild, and there's not a head band or hair tie in sight!

Barefoot Friends Yoonies Hair

Episode 1 contained fun introductions, lots of cute Engrish, and the beginning of crazy missions! It's a must-see, so grab onto the chocolate and rainbow sprinkled coated marshmallow and watch it! ^_^

Who watched the first episode? Talk about it in the comment box below!

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE