You wouldn’t want to miss these photos! Instagram released a list of top 20 Korean celebrities ranked by followers and their most-liked photos earlier this month. Scroll down to uncover who they are! 

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20. Girls' Generation Sooyoung (@hotsootuff) – 2.8 million followers

19. Girls' Generation Hyoyeon (@watasiwahyo) – 2.8 million followers

Girls' Generation Hyoyeon celebrates Seohyun's birthday!

18. Miss A Suzy (@skuukzky) – 2.8 million followers

Miss A Suzy looks gorgeous in a selfie in Rome for Valentino fashion shoot with Elle Korea. 

17. f(x) Amber (@ajol_llama) – 2.8 million followers

16. Girls' Generation Sunny (@svnnynight) – 2.9 million followers

Girls' Generation Sunny says, "Spending the last day of 2014 with my cuties."

15. Girls' Generation Tiffany (@xolovestephi) – 3.1 million followers

14. Girls' Generation Yoori (@yulyulk) – 3.1 million followers

Girls' Generation members babysit Return of Superman's Choo Sarang!

13. 4Minute Hyuna (@hyunah_aa) – 3.2 million followers

12. 2NE1 CL (@chaelincl) – 3.3 million followers

11. 2NE1 Sandara Park (@daraxxi) –3.3 million followers

10. Super Junior Donghae (@leedonghae) – 3.3 million followers

Super Junior Donghae poses with EXO Chanyeol!

9. BigBang Seungri (@seungriseyo) – 3.3 million followers

8. BigBang Top(@choi_seung_hyun_tttop) – 3.4 million followers

7. EXO Lay (@zyxzjs) – 3.4 million followers

Here EXO Lay poses with a singer friend in China.

6. BigBang Taeyang (@__youngbae__) – 3.8 million followers

5. EXO Baekhyun (@baekhunee_exo) – 4.8 million followers

4. EXO Sehun (@oohsehun) – 5 million followers

3. EXO Chanyeol (@real__pcy) – 5.6 million followers

EXO Chanyeol says, "I finally got to meet the twins Suh Uhn and Suh Joon! I've wanted to see you! I will revisit you soon!" #ReturnofSuperman

2. Girls' Generation Taeyeon (@taeyeon_ss) – 5.7 million followers

1. BigBang G-Dragon (@xxxibgdrgn) – 7.1 million followers

Cover photo courtesy of Instagram

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