If you haven't seen a Korean variety show, then you haven't really lived life! Somewhere between a reality show and a game show, they're usually full of guest stars and hosted by hilarious comedians. With the highly anticipated new drama about variety shows, Producer, just around the corner, let's celebrate by taking a look at the best moments from 6 of the most popular, from Running Man to The Return of Superman.

1. Running Man

It's nearly impossible to pick only three moments from this game show starring 7 of Korea's funniest comedians and actors, but here are three most fans will never forget:

Episode 73 - King of the Idols

The cast learns dance moves form the most popular K-pop idols and face off to prove who is the King of the Idols. This episode had me dying laughing! Especially Kim Jong Kook, who will have his first acting gig in Producer

Episode 2- Kim Jong Kook becomes "Mr. Capable" 

This was the moment you learned why Kim Jong Kook is "Mr. Capable." The cast must escape from a prison by getting clues to escape their cells. After being re-captured and put in his cell, the lights go out and Kim Jong Kook immediately knows to use the opportunity to escape. He is super badass, and hence the nicknames "Mr. Capable" and "SPARTA."

Episode 48: 57:31 -Monday Couple Pepero

This is the beginning of when everyone wanted the Monday Couple, Kang Gary and Song Ji Hyo, to date in real life! Best. Pepero. Game. Ever. I still can't get over how much I ship them! 

2. Roommate

Episode 33 47:45 - 50:02- Roommate Christmas Party

At the Roommate Christmas party, Jackson breaks down when he realizes his sick mother has been flown to Korea from China for Christmas by his label head JYP. This was the first time he had seen her in two years after going to Korea to become an entertainer. AND A THOUSAND FAN GIRLS TEARED UP.

Episode 46 20:42 - 23:08- Flying Yoga

Joon Hyung does "flying yoga" with Sunny and Nana and Young Ji. Things get out of hand when he can't keep up with the girls, and he inflicts a particularly low blow onto himself towards the end. Yikes! 

Episode 27 21:23 - 23:46- Skate Park

The boys take a trip to a skate park and hold an impromptu race of the young versus the old. Unfortunately, Se Ho takes things too far. 

3. Return of Superman

Daddy, Are You Okay?

The Triplets go over what to do in case of a Daddy-related emergency. Is there really anything in the world cuter than the triplets?

Crying and Eating

Il Gook finds an inflatable shark that terrifies his children to the point of tears, but one keeps eating while crying. Honestly sometimes I keep eating when I'm crying too, you know, when I'm eating ramen during the sad part of a K-drama. 

Need A Ride?

Sarang pays the Triplets a visit and shares a romantic moment with Man Se on a play car. Ah, young love! 

4. Infinity Challenge

Episode 64 43:38-46:26- Home Alone Special

After being stuck in a haunted office building, the guys in this clip are used to having things jump out at them at inopportune moments. The tense feeling as they anticipate the next scare is one of the funniest moments in the show.

Episode 65 48:56-50:38- Stuntman School 

The gang is at a school that teaches one how to be a stunt fighter for action movies. In this clip, Myung Soo is trying to recreate the iconic fight sequence from the Korean blockbuster Oldboy.

Episode 76 37:40-40:58- Awkward Impromptu Interview

In this episode, 2nd tier celebrities are competing to become the 6th member of Infinity Challenge. After failing miserably in her stated quest to use her social media contacts to interview celebrities, Jin Kyung manages to corner Chinese film star Simon Yam at an airport and conduct an impromptu interview. The result is very awkward and very funny. 

5. 2 Days 1 Night

This is Cha Tae Hyun's, who is a main lead along with Kim Soo HyunIU, and Gong Hyo Jin in Producer, variety show. 

Episode 71: 34:20- 38:47- Frozen Kim Jun Ho

The guys have to jump over a hole they dug out themselves, filled with water and ice. The other cast members are fine, but things go amiss for Kim Jun Ho.

Episode 54: 47:32-50:32- Ice Sculpture Challenge

The teams have to travel with an ice sculpture across the country in the sweltering heat. In this game, they have to think of the same word; if not, they pour hot water over the sculpture.

Episode 76: 13:53-18:38- True or False Strip Tease 

The cast is split up into two teams and play a true/false trivia quiz. One unlucky member (Kim Joo Hyuk) has to take off an article of clothing every time they answer a trivia question incorrectly.

6. We Got Married Global Edition 

Season 1-Mina and Hongki's Duet

Fuji Mina plays piano while Hongki sings along, and it's so beautiful! This moment had everyone falling in love with Hongki all over again! 

Season 1- Mina's Gwiyomi Song

When Fuji Mina performs the gwiyomi song for Hongki, it was so adorable that everyone fell in love with her. 

Season 2- Key Oppa+Arisa= Awkward Couple. 

Every time this couple was on screen together, I squeed. Look how cute and awkward they are!

What are your top three moments from your favorite variety/reality shows? 

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