After extensive research and endless scientific formulas, here is the list of the Top 5 Craziest Telenovela Villains. It wasn't an easy task, but someone had to do it. As telenovelas improve their storylines, these epic crazies have unfortunately become more stable and less psychotic—but don't you worry, we'll always have the memories (and YouTube).

Here are five infamous women who should've been locked up long ago or at the very least subjected to some serious psychotherapy!

#1.- Soraya Montenegro de La Vega Montalbán
Played by Itatí Cantoral
María la del Barrio (1995)

There should be a checklist for all future telenovela villains to go through if they ever want to come even close to the legendary Soraya.

The Soraya Montenegro Crazy Checklist: Loving someone only for their money? Check. Pretending to be pregnant so he marries you? Check. Murdering someone for even more money? Check. Murdering everyone else who might suspect you, even if it is your mother? Check. Pretending to die only to re-emerge 15 years later to plot revenge on the woman who stole the man who never really loved you? Check.

If you are trying to be a real villain and don't meet these standards, don't try. Go home.

Best part: Overly dramatic screams accompanied with serious fits of violence directed towards anyone around her.

#2.- Catalina Creel de Larios
Played by María Rubio
Cuna de Lobos (1986)

Catalina is obsessed with her only biological son. She basically guilts and traumatizes her stepson as a child and tricks him into believing that he caused her to lose her eye so that her actual son will be the only successful heir to the family's wealth. If anyone discovers the truth behind her brilliant plan (that relies heavily on her fake eye-patch), she murders them. Pretty simple.

Best part: Her eye-patch always matches her outfits. Seriously.

telenovela villain

#3.- Juana de Avis y Aragon Played by Barbara Lennie Isabel (2013)

telenovela Isabel

[Potential spoiler alert] Juana marries King Enrique IV of Castile and becomes fixated on having his child to officially become part of the Royal family. Seeing that her husband wasn't interested in her, she had multiple affairs and finally had a daughter who she insisted was the legitimate heir to the King. Just to be on the safe side, she takes her teenaged sister-in-law, Isabel, away from her sick mother and forces her to live in the castle where she can keep an eye on her and make sure she wont claim her spot as the real heir.

Best part #1: This actually happened and she pretty much caused a war. A real evil Queen.

Best part #2: You can watch her right here on DramaFever Latino's Isabel

#4.- Rubi Perez
Played by Barbara Mori
Rubi (2004)

Rubi uses her beauty to manipulate others to get what she wants and, to no one's surprise, her ultimate goal is money. She falls in love with someone, but dumps him when she realizes he is not rich. What's a girl to do after a breakup? Well, if you are Rubi, go and have an affair with your best friend's wealthy fiancé—even though you clearly don't love him. To top it all off, run away with said fiancé during his wedding... to your best friend. Lovely.

Best part: The way karma gets her.

#5.- Carlota Espinoza de los Monteros
Played by Leticia Calderon
En el nombre del amor (2008)

Carlota is essentially a really classy serial killer. She is bitter and tries to make everyone around her miserable because she fell in love (and is currently obsessed) with a man who left her to become a priest. You can't make this stuff up.

Best part: She has perfected the art of dramatic, crazy-eyed stares.

Honorable mention:

This scene from a telenovela called Valeria just because of the impressive fight between main rivals Valeria Hidalgo and Miroslava Montemar. Not sure what this was about, or who is actually the villain, but do you really need to know?