The chart-topping K-pop boy group EXO were last week's special guests on the hilarious variety show Infinity Challenge. Watch as the boys take on the challenge of making one lucky cast member into the newest member of EXO! Here are the top 5 funniest moments: 

1. When Yoo Jae Suk greets, and makes fun of, each EXO member individually: 

2. When the group describes their super powers and then chooses a hilarious new one for Jae Suk:

3. When the EXO members have a silly dance-off with the Infinity Challenge members:

4. When the EXO boys teach Jae Suk "Dancing King" choreography, and he's actually pretty good! 

5. When Jae Suk officially becomes the newest member of EXO and performs live on stage with the group.

What was your favorite EXO moment on Infinity Challenge

Watch the full hilarious episode here: 


Infinity Challenge

Starring Yoo Jae Suk and Park Myung Soo

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