Lee Min Ho has surpassed Psy as the Korean star with the most Weibo followers. Weibo is the Chinese social media platform equivalent to a combination of Twitter and Facebook, and the number of followers strongly indicates how popular a star or celebrity is in China. So, who are the top 5 most popular Korean stars/celebrities in China now?

#1  Lee Min Ho: Right now, as I write, Lee Min Ho has 24,636,905 followers for his Weibo account. And the number keeps going up as the clock ticks.

#2  Psy:  Although he's knocked down a notch by Lee Min Ho, he is still above all other Korean celebrities/stars in China. He currently has 24,417,167 followers.

#3  Jang Geun Suk

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#4  Lee Joon Ki

#5  Choi Si Won (Super Junior Siwon)

Of course, if you look at the entire Weibo list, Lee Min Ho is "only" at #33 right now. However, he overtook Psy on hyperspeed ever since he opened his account. There's no telling how fast he will continue to rise given the extreme fandom that is evident from his popular tour and fan-meet appearances. 

(photo: lmhhunter.blog.fc2 for LMH cover photo; others from DramaFever image gallery)