About 6,500 lucky fans saw the Song-Song couple continue their display of affection for each other when Song Hye Gyo joined Song Joong Ki at his fan meet held in Chengdu, China. They played games and sang a love song from Descendants of the Sun. What more can a happy fan ask for? Take a look at these cute photos and videos.

As previously predicted, Song Joong Ki welcomed Song Hye Gyo to his fan meet on June 17 in Chengdu, China. This event came after the Song-Song Couple was seen holding hands at the Baeksang Arts Awards, and they showered even more affection on each other at the fan meet. Their fans couldn't be more delighted!

1. Song Hye Gyo came on stage with a bouquet of flowers for her leading man. They looked perfect together in these photos:

2. Games, lots of games! First, they drew portraits of each other. Guess who is the better artist?

Later, in the "Yes or No" game, Song Joong Ki was asked if Song Hye Gyo was the same on stage as in real life. Song said, "She is always very beautiful." The interpreter knew he misunderstood the question and explained further. What the Chinese question really meant was whether she has the same personality in real life. He answered without hesitation, "Yes."

3. Is Song Joong Ki really going to hit Song Hye Gyo with a giant hammer? 

Watch this fan video subbed with English subtitles by a Thai fan:

Aww... isn't Song Joong Ki sweet?! 

Instead of hitting Song Hye Gyo, he hit himself, saying, "How can you hit such a beautiful person?"

Song Hye Gyo, on the other hand, did not hesitate to strike!

4. Chinese fans were impressed by Song Joong Ki singing the Chinese love song, "Every Time We Say Goodbye."

5. But the most beloved segment has got to be when the Song-Song Couple sang a love song together. Watch them sing "Always" from Descendants of the Sun:

Isn't it cute the way they locked eyes and broke into smiles?

BONUS: At the end of the fan meet, Song Hye Gyo posted this photo and tagged it with ##songsongcouple:

It's really fun to see the Song-Song Couple together and not shy in showing their affection for each other. There were moments when it felt like Captain Yoo and Doctor Kang were standing right there on stage. Shall we relive the memories of Descendants of the Sun?


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