The legendary character known as Hello Kitty dates back to 1974 when the Japanese company Sanrio first launched a coin purse with the famous white cat with a red bow printed on it. Nowadays, Hello Kitty has turned into a multi-billion-dollar annual business that in some ways could be considered a luxury brand. Richieast presents you 5 of the most expensive Hello Kitty items that altogether add up to an astonishing value of $450,000.

1 ) The jewelry clad Hello Kitty was first launched in Switzerland and was the symbol of the 35th anniversary of the Hello Kitty brand. Small and shiny, the fabulous kitty has an impressive design that seems to animate the entire cat, making the viewer believe that it’s almost real. A large number of Swarovski crystals encrusted the entire doll, creating a strong feeling of superiority and wealth. Such a beauty costs nearly $153,000.

2 ) Another expensive figurine is the Platinum Hello Kitty, which has a main body made out of platinum, as the name says, inlaid with an impressive variety of precious stones such as diamonds, rubies and even pink sapphires. The buyer must pay $150,000 for the privilege of being the owner of this “toy.“

3) Auctioned off in 2012 for $100,000, the Hello Kitty clutch bag is a famous item that attracted the attention of many luxury fashion connoisseurs who were delighted to admire the Swarovski-encrusted, shiny bag that seemed to be from a fairy tale. The auction had a charity purpose, and all the money was donated to the Japanese Red Cross in order to help Japan recover after the 2011 earthquake.

4) The Hello Kitty company is living proof that cats and dogs are best friends and can get along very well, even sleeping under the same roof. Designing a luxurious Hello Kitty doghouse that is perfectly adapted for small dogs, the company used high quality materials and nearly 7,600 Swarovski crystals in order to create a glamorous mini castle. Wealthy dog owners paid almost $32,000 for such a work of art which can also be used for decorative purposes.

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5)The famous US guitar manufacturer “Fender“ made an exclusive electric guitar that is perfect for Hello Kitty fans who love playing the guitar or simply enjoy the sound of it.The Hello Kitty guitar is produced in limited edition and has a variable price around $20,000.

Would you pay that much for a luxury Hello Kitty item?