K-drama characters are known for keeping their feelings tortuously secret, and after 10-12 episodes worth of that kind of repressed emotion, it should come as no surprise that when the K-drama love confessions finally do erupt, they are bursting with passion. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, let’s all rev up our romantic expectations by waxing nostalgic about some of the best love confessions in recent K-drama history.

1. Boys Over Flowers

After Jan Di's high kick to Joon Pyo's face eventually knocked some sense into him, Lee Min Ho's character was dropping subtle (and not-so-subtle) love confessions to Gu Hye Sun's Jan Di left and right. While a helicopter ride to an island in the shape of a heart is certainly epic, for me it was the twinkle lights decorating the playground where Joon Pyo and Jan Di share a sweet first kiss that was the confession of love that makes me melt. But between you, me, and the internet, if someone wants to give me that star and moon necklace Joon Pyo gifts her as a present at the ski lodge, I am not going to be the one to stop them.

2. Greatest Love

The Hong Sisters sure know how to write a memorable love confession, oh, my! I mean, some people go for candles and rose petals, but in Greatest LoveCha Seung Won's megastar character Dokko Jin goes for a very, very public announcement of his love for fallen idol Ae Jung, played to perfection by Gong Hyo Jin. During an interview  on television, Dokko Jin plays a game called Dokko Jin World Cup, where he picks his ideal woman from a variety of celebrities, continuing to whittle the list down until he gets to his ideal woman. To everyone's surprise, he keeps picking Ae Jung. Then he turns to the camera and makes his love confession to the world. "My ideal woman is Gu Ae Jung. But she’s not only my ideal woman. Gu Ae Jung is the woman I love right now." And mic drop.

3. The Master's Sun

Remember how I just said the Hong Sisters are queens of the love confession? Well, they bring their epic romance mojo back again in their ghostly masterpiece The Master's Sun. This show is brimming with romantic moments and near confessions of love that will have your heart palpitating like you just saw a ghost, probably also because you did. But it took a little dying of his own to make So Ji Sub's Joo Joong Won finally admit his feelings for Gong Hyo Jin's big sun Tae Gong Sil. Granted, we should all tell the people we love how we feel before we, or they, cross over, but lucky for Joong Won that his true love could see his ghost. This otherworldly (literally) love profession is guaranteed to give us all the feels.


4. I Hear Your Voice

Is it a love confession if you only hear the words because you can read minds? Answer is...yes! Don't worry, though, it all gets said out loud eventually.  

5. Coffee Prince

I want to start off by stating that there have been times when I, too, have accidentally gotten paint smeared on my nose, and never once has Gong Yoo shown up to passionately kiss me, but then again I couldn't pull it off the way Eun Hye did. Also, any love confession that begins by saying that it doesn't matter whether you are a man or an alien is pretty darn romantic. Double it down with one of the most smoldering kisses in K-drama history, and you have yourself the top love confession of all time in my book. 

6. A Gentleman's Dignity

This one is a bonus because it wasn't the actual love confession, but man, oh, man, what a romantic scene. All I want for Valentine’s Day is a flash mob with Kim Woo BinLee Jong Hyun from CNBlue, and Jang Dong Gun, and maybe some twinkle lights a la Boys Over Flowers. Is that really so much to ask?  No, Oppa, it isn't!

So there you have some of my favorite love confessions from K-drama land. There are so many to choose from — what are some of your favorites? 


A Gentleman's Dignity

Starring Jang Dong Gun and Kim Ha Neul

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