If you're like me, then you've definitely had that moment when you're watching a drama, the male lead takes out a piece of jewelry, and a part of you just goes "I have to HAVE that." Sometimes a small trinket can be such an integral part of the bigger story, so we wanted to count down the top 5 pieces of jewelry from some of our K-dramas. If you want to sport a bit of Hallyu style, check out DramaFever's partnership with BaubleBar, where for a limited time only, new and existing premium users will be able to get an EXCLUSIVE 25% off their purchase from BaubleBar.com. So if you fancy any of the K-Drama moments below, you can grab your own at BaubleBar!

1. Star necklace from Boys over Flowers

Who can forget the moment that Jun Pyo gives this beautiful "custom-made" necklace to Jan Di, who then proceeds to search for it in the snow... only to end up snuggled with a shirtless Lee Min Ho? The fact that Jun Pyo has such a poignant story behind the necklace makes me want to add it to my jewelry box all the more. 

2. K Necklace from Dream High

I can't put my finger on exactly why this necklace sticks with me, even after Dream High ended. It could have been the fact that this necklace changes hands as well as the story changes its POV to show how to students overcome anxiety, self-sabotage, and the hard blows dealt to them in order to achieve their dreams. Or it could just bet the fact that this necklace was in both Bae Yong Joon & Kim Soo Hyun's ACTUAL. HANDS. Either way, the K necklace from Dream High is definitely one of my stalwart favorites.

3. Wishbone necklace from Heirs

A lot of people tuned in to Heirs to see Lee Min Ho. And Park Shin Hye. And Kim Woo Bin. And Krystal. Basically, a lot of people loved Heirs because it starred every major celebrity in K-entertainment. However, a star who stole the show was the brooding, husky Choi Jin Hyuk — and one of his most unforgettable moments on the show was when he gifted Hyun Joo this beautiful wishbone necklace that proved to be both a blessing and a curse. Who wouldn't want to get their hands on that beautiful piece? Especially if it's Choi Jin Hyuk giving it to you!

4. Gong Shil's rings in Master's Sun 

No matter whether Gong Hyo Jin is running away from the ghosts that plague her or if she's romancing So Ji Sub, the stunning series of rings she wears on Master's Sun are the real stars of the show! Ever the trendsetter, Gong Hyo Jin shows us how she was ahead of the stackable rings game before it went global.

5. Basically Anything Cheon Song Yi wore in My Love From Another Star

My Love From Another Star is without a doubt a K-drama masterpiece. It not only stars Jun Ji Hyun in her K-drama comeback, but also introduced the incredibly dark and sinister Shin Sung Rok and of course, gave us our regular dose of Kim Soo Hyun. However, in every scene of this drama, it is Cheon Song Yi's amazing jewelry that steals the show. Honestly, one doesn't need to fly to New York, Paris, or Milan to check out the latest in fashion; you just need to tune in to one episode of My Love From Another Star

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