#5 – You are a fan of "Prison Break" or any other prison dramas.

"The Escape" has 'The Tower'—a high security prison, built on an abandoned oil rig in the middle of the ocean reserved for violent criminals and political prisoners. Woah.


#4 – If you are a fan of action/suspense dramas.

Just take a sneak peak at this maniac chasing down Anna through an abandoned corridor, ready to kill her.

#3 – The amazing production values and high quality of this show.

Filmed on a set of over 30,000 square feet, "The Escape" was one of Spain's highest budget shows ever made. High risk, high reward, though: the first episode broke ratings records, and was a major trending topic on Twitter.

These fancy outfits are not cheap.

Part of "The Tower" set

#2 – It is set in the future, in the year 2055.

Don't you want to know what a positively wonderful world we'll live in? How the government will become oppressive because natural resources ran out and corruption got out of control? It's all good.

Most importantly, don't you want to find out if we'll finally be using these:

#1 – If you are a fan of epic love stories.

The real base for this wonderful story is the love between Anna and Daniel, two lovers who were part of the secret "Resistance" against the government but were separated on the day of their wedding.

It's been 5 years of imprisonment for Daniel, while Anna has been training to become part of the government security team for 'The Tower' where her husband is held. Neither knows that they are both still looking for each other, but the faith that has kept them together in spirit will soon be rewarded.

VIDEO: This short trailer skillfully sums up the Top 5 reasons to watch the 13 intense episodes of "The Escape"! It's an addicting show!