While fans congratulate Kim Soo Hyun winning the Grand Prize second year in a row at the 2015 Korea Drama Awards, there are actually quite a few surprises that have gotten fans scratching their heads. What do you think of these 5 unusual wins and losses?

The Korea Drama Awards held on October 9 not only gave us stunning views of celebrities on the red carpet, but they also surprised fans with some unusual wins, or losses, depending who you support.

1. Kim Soo Hyun beats out Ji Sung for the Grand Prize (Daesang)

Ji Sung gave an extraordinary performance playing a man with 7 personalities in Kill Me, Heal Me. As soon as Kim's win was announced, many Korean netizens vocalized their dissent. It's not that people don't like Kim's performance in Producer; it's just that Ji Sung's performance was so outstanding, so unique, and can hardly be replicated by another actor. Remember, he even stepped into the role at the last moment's notice when the drama lost its original actor (and actress.)

2. Kim Tae Hee won Top Excellence - Actress for Yong Pal, but Joo Won got nothing

Kim Tae Hee gave a wonderfully nuanced performance as an heiress forced to endure a medically induced coma who later snatched power as corporate queen to unleash a vengeful wave. However, there is no question that Joo Won took on the heavier weight as the titular Yong Pal. His scenes from beginning to end kept us glued to the screen. So how is it that Joo Won didn't get any award? When an actor is included in the nominations for Daesang, he is not included in the nominations for other acting awards. I vote for a rule change!

3. Chanyeol won 2 big awards for the web drama EXO Next Door

EXO's Park Chanyeol won New Actor award and also shared Hally Star award with Kim Soo Hyun. There are many reasons to enjoy EXO Next Door, but it is a web drama with only 15 minutes for each of its 16 episodes. I think his win is a nod to the popularity of the rising K-pop group and the power of a short series for many viewers who want something fast for instant gratification. Again, I like EXO Next Door too, but be ready for more of these short dramas starring K-pop idols. Can we ask for one starring G-Dragon?

4. Lee Jong Suk won Top Excellence - Actor for Pinocchio, a 2014 drama

Okay, I can actually understand this one after further research. Aside from Lee Jong Suk turning out a stellar performance, the eligibility period for nominees is from October of the previous year to September this year. Pinocchio started on November 12, 2014 and finished on January 15, 2015. Hope you are celebrating with Choi In Ha, Dal Po!

5. Sam Okyere, a computer engineering student from Africa, won Global Star award for Jeju Island Gatsby

Probably most people's first reaction was "Who is Sam Okyere?"

Sam Okyere was memorable for speaking fluent Korean at the Diver Lady's class in the warm and cozy Jeju Island Gatsby. It turned out that he first arrived in Korea in 2009 as a computer engineering student. After appearances on dramas and variety shows, he has now accumulated 9 TV shows and a 2015 movie (Intimate Enemies) in his growing portfolio. He is now a celebrity in his home country of Ghana. 

About his experience in Korea, he said, "There is always something about Korea that makes you want to stay even longer. It's like wine; the longer you stay here, the better your experiences get to be."

Along the same sentiment expressed by Sam Okyere, we fans have fallen in love with Korean drama. The more we watch, the more we want to watch. We also each have our own list of favorite dramas and actors.

Let's face it, it's a great honor for an actor just to be nominated for the award. 

Congratulations to all the winners and losers. I just wish that there were a special award custom made for Ji Sung.

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