Whether you're looking for something fried, something crunchy, or just something on a stick, China is home to some of the world's tastiest street foods.

Here are our top five.

5) Jianbing Guozi – This breakfast sandwich, originally from Shandong, is made by cracking a fried egg on a crepe and wrapping it around a cracker.

4) Street Barbeque – A classic and extremely versatile Chinese street food, but be careful: The right spices can mask the taste of rotting meat!

3) Youtiao – This simple delicacy, pronounced “Yo-tyow”, is a tiny strip of bread that’s fried in oil until it quadruples in size.

2) Mala Tang – This spicy soup is a street food take on Sichuanese Hot Pot in which vegetables and meats are cooked in a boiling pot of spicy soup. And finally...

1) Baozi! – Dumplings that come in all shapes and sizes and are filled with everything from pork to spicy noodles.

What are your favorite street treats? Let us know in the comments!