Seoul, Seoul, Seoul - how much do I love thee? Let me count the ways... CNN-GO did a profile on the fabulous city, counting fifty reasons why Asian tourists rank Seoul as their number one-top destination for three years in a row. I won't list all 50 of them (you can check it out here if you'd like), but here are the highlights.

- More Side Dishes than Main Dishes

For foodies (like me!) I love that I can get free extra dishes. The bad thing is, I would get full from it all before I get to the main course. But it's fun to pick at them throughout the meal - and get free refills. So you want that extra kimchi? How 'bout the extra crab pancake? Gimme, gimme!

- Beautiful Men and Women

Most of whom probably went through plastic surgery and have stricter skin regimens then the rest of us lowly folks. But then again, that's probably why they're so pretty and handsome! I personally might get freaked out by a guy who is more high-maintenance than I am, but then again, if I could stare at him all day long... it'd be worth it.

Kim Yu Na- Kim Yuna

She's the first female skater to place first in the Olympics, World Skating Championships, Grand Prix Final, and Four Continents Championships. She's on the list of Time Magazine's 100 Most Influential in 2010, and a global ambassador for the Visit Korea campaign. She can sing and dance alongside Big Bang, and she's 20 years old. Jealous? I am.

- Girl Group Domination

Who can deny the power of Wonder Girls, SNSD (Girls Generation), 2NE1, KARA, T-ARA, and f(x)? There's more to this list, but honestly - these girl groups have completely dominated Asia. It's only a matter of time before all of them take the U.S. music industry by storm, and try to push Beyonce and Lady Gaga off the top 10.

- Soju is Cheaper than Water

ONE SHOT! *guzzle guzzle* - kyaaaaaah! *wipes mouth with back of hand* And that's how you drink soju K-drama style.

- Kimchi

Aside from being an awesome spicy side dish, it can also prevent the bird flu and Newcastle disease? And it's credited to being the reason why South Korea went relatively unscathed during the SARS outbreak? Heck - anything that gives more reason to eat kimchi is good for me!

- Asia's Largest Underground Mall

For shoppers' delight, Coex is an expansive area of shops, arcades, restaurants, theaters, and home to the Kimchi Museum. It hosts expos and fairs, and was the main venue for the 2010 G20 Seoul Summit. Korea sure makes good use of every bit of land available to them - aboveground and underground!

- Wildest Celebrity Scandals

This article uses the Lee Ji Ah - Seo Tai Ji scandal as an example. No kidding - it ripped the headlines for two-three weeks, and it's still ongoing. I wouldn't say that Korea only has crazy celeb scandals, but there are plenty of other scandals - drug abuse, military evasion, suicides, crazy fans, etc.

- Galbi

This marinated barbecued ribs is listed as the number one reason why Seoul is the top destination city. Grilling this delicious meat is a favorite among tourists, and while I certainly can't deny the allure of meat, I have a better number one reason...

- Korean Dramas

Because - where would I be without them!? What are your top reasons for why Seoul should be number one? Did you see your reason listed in the top 50? Sound off below! Meanwhile - catch up on the latest dramas on DramaFever! Source: CNNGo