Another week has passed and new episodes of Another Oh Hae Young are coming out today and tomorrow! Aren't you excited? We are at the climax of our story, with heartbreak and anxiety eating us alive. 

Why not go back to episodes 11 and 12 to see some of the best scenes and to prepare ourselves for episode 13 today?

From episode 11: In pain, in pain

Number 1: while we are happy… 

After that lovely escapade our Hae Young and Do Kyung are still in that blissful happiness, smiling and being cute. After last week's episodes, it seems only natural starting with a beautiful and lovely scene. What I like best about this is the way both smile so honestly happy and how tightly they hold on to each other. Don't you agree?






Number 2: Truth be told...

     The cat is out of the bag. Tae Jin has discovered Hae Young's and Do Kyung's involvement and, of course, he is hurt, angry and very confused. He does not keep it to himself and Hae Young finds out of how Do Kyung had to do with her cancelled wedding in the worst way possible. Her betrayed look and the heartbreaking pain we see in her expression, as her eyes fill up with tears is impressive. Not only is a very dramatic scene, the contrast with the rose petals falling makes it beautiful to the eye. Those petals can also symbolise the beautiful relationships falling apart because or miscommunication.






Number 3: That's what friends are for...

     Do Kyung should've told Hae Young before. When someone else tells your secret, it never goes well. Now he's left brooding and aimlessly walking around. Luckily for him and to give us some humour again, his friends are beautiful. Instead of forcing him to speak, they follow him around, keeping a respectful distance but ever worried about our male lead. I find this scene both funny and touching, a lovely representation of a wonderful friendship. Needless to say that they do even more to cheer Do Kyung up and if I could, I'd gif all those scenes, because they are beautiful. I love his friends. 





From episode 12: Wish you misery once you leave me

Number 1: Hold your head high…

    I've said multiple times how much I love Hae Young's family, but I don't think I can reinforce that enough. When she's, once again, in that pit of depression after humiliating herself in her breakdown, her parents are so worried. They want to protect her, they want to cheer her up. They are hurting, too, because their daughter is carrying her pain all alone. Their love, so beautiful and tight is why I adore their scenes. I picked this one because Hae Young's mother is trying to cheer her up, to comfort her that it'll be fine, it's not the end of the world while still feeding her daughter, putting meat in her food. Her outburst because she couldn't do anything to help her daughter touched my heart.






Number 2: "I love you" is always the right thing to say…

     When you love someone you should be honest and express those feelings. When you did wrong, you should apologise until it's enough, until that person understands how regretful you are. Do Kyung seems to be wrapped in layers of pride that protect him from exposing too much of himself. We know he feels unsure and ignorant to love as he grew up without it, or that he claimed. He does not trust his own heart and can't understand that sometimes hearing you're loved is all you need. I love Jin Sang because he's there to remind Do Kyung he should've said more, should've begged, should've said he loved her. He questions we can also do: did he really like her? Saying I love you isn't just flattery, it's the truth, right? 






Number 3: Cry for me...

    Although this scene breaks my heart, I believe it's filled with so much emotion, so much pain I couldn't leave it behind. It might be childish that she wants him to suffer, but it's in her desperate attempt to know he actually feels something for her. If he feels guilty, there's an emotion behind and she isn't the only one aching because of this. Do Kyung is in a lot of pain, and it's when we touch the bottom that we can come back to the surface. That pain is the only thing that can push you to stop using the excuse "It's for the other person's own good" and do something. I love this scene because it's raw, it's heavy with emotion and it's a trigger for a great development.







Bonus: In a language we only know...

    I've said this before: I ship Soo Kyung and Jin Sang. The fact she's pregnant is both tragic and funny at the same time, and I really hope she tells him. I picked this particularly scene as bonus because I love how they argue in French and the other look at them as if they are crazy. It feels like they have their own world, separated from the others, sharing a secret no one else around can understand. And it's funny, too.



      And after going some of the best scenes (because let's be honest, there were so many brilliant scenes in last week's episodes) we are ready to watch episode 13 that airs today, are we not? Remember to add the K-drama to your queue and wait for the notification. I'll be refreshing my mail today, like every Monday.


Another Oh Hae Young

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