It's finally Monday, which means we have entered the last week for our beloved Another Oh Hae Young. I can't believe it ends this week! I feel eager, yet so not prepared. But perhaps going back to some of the best scenes from last week's episodes will help us.

From episode1: Those past days I coulnd’t give you more, more love

Number 1:Surprise going wrong

    Oh, I love this scene not only because it's so domestic but also because it's cute and funny and it's why I picked it. So Hae Young and Do Kyung are being lovely dowery again, right? Hae Young is waiting for him to come home and thinks that giving him a start sounds like fun so she hides. Although seemingly oblivious, Do Kyung actually caught her and scares her instead, making her jump while I snorted. Wasn't it fun?




Number 2: Tango isn't an option

     Hae Young's omma has told our girl why Do Kyung didn't go to the wedding so they should break up already if he's not serious about it. Hae Young is hurt, confused and angry and we know what she does when she's emotionally unstable: she dances. But this time Omma is having none of that and when it looks like Hae Young will start dancing again the daggers Omma glares are worth of an Academy Award. But what's funnier about this scene? It's that Hae Young doesn't dance but taunts her mother as she dramatically make her way out.





Number 3: "I'm 100 on the scale, not 89"

     Upon realising that Do Kyung might not be as into this relationship as Hae Young is, she harbours doubts that make her use the analogy of a scale. Do Kyung doesn't know whether to tell her why he thinks he won't be able to marry her as he doesn't have much to live, and fails at assuring her. After being beaten up by Tae Jin, he tries to stay away from Hae Young so she won't se his face but ultimately, because he still wants to make her happy, he goes there to promise her he won't ever leave his side. It's a touching and loving scene, hence why I had to pick it.





From episode 16: Through you, I live

Number 1: If you fail, try again

     So the first scene I picked was Hae Young failing at scaring Do Kyung, this time I picked the scene where she finally succeeds and scares the living days to of him. Of course, she doesn't know the constant visions he lives with and how much of a scare that was for him, so at the end it backfires on her face because she feels so sorry for scaring him like that. Then, can we call it a success?





Number 2: The wrong Park

    Jin Sang and Soo Kyung have finally kissed and Jin Sang is struggling with what happened until someone sneaks in his bed. He thinks it's Soo Kyung but he isn't ready for that! Yet it isn't that Park but Hoon the one who came to tease him after witnessing such display of affection. My sides still hurt from laughing so hard.




Number 3: "You never loved me"

      This scene. This. Just… ah, Tae Jin is full of rage, regret, frustration and of course he blames it all on Do Kyung. We know it wasn't actually his fault and he's being used, however he still actually tried to ruin Tae Jin so the intention is there. Regardless, he's determined to ruin Do Kyung and although Hae Young has been told not to go to her ex fiancée, she can't help it because it hurts her what Do Kyung is going through. She goes and confronts Tae Jin telling him who Do Kyung is for her and that he shouldn't act like the wounded macho, as if he had actually loved her because he didn't. I love this scene because although it is heartbreaking, she finally says what had to be said. Okay, take revenge because of the business but not because Do Kyung stole your woman when actually you threw her away and made her so miserable. Nu-uh, you don't deserve to mope about that. Am it right?




Bonus: Dramatic kiss

     Do I have to explain this bonus scene? We all know I love our secondary characters and this couple that is so real and natural. They don't actually work out and they struggle because of that, they don't seem to get the perfect happy ending… but they have a movie worth it kiss. And I had to gif it.



    Well, weren't those episodes just so good? Don't you think our characters have grown and evolve a lot? They manage to talk it to when there are misunderstandings, even if there isn't a crystal explanation. Firstly, Hae Young is so honest and straightforward and still hopes, still tries. And Do Kyung… he's grown the most because despite all, his pain, his pride being hurt, he still goes forward, towards Hae Young.

His death looks unstoppable and dooming, but I honestly hope he does not die and somehow his future changes. My negative part says that he'll die but with Hae Young next to him so there won't be regret this time, but my hopeful part thinks the ambulance will make it in time.

What do you think? How will that vision play out in the end? Let's discuss it on the comments and wait for the finale of our K-drama on DramaFever.


Another Oh Hae Young

Starring Seo Hyun Jin and Jun Hye Bin

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