Another week means a new episode of Another Oh Hae Young [squeals]! Mondays and Tuesday make me so happy, especially after hearing our beloved K-drama has been extended another two episodes! Did you know? I screamed for like twenty minutes when I read the news.

As we wait for today's episode, let's go back on some of the best scenes from last week's episodes. I have to admit making the selection was so hard because the episodes were just so good.Especially episode 8. I made gifs for like 5 or 6 scenes and had to narrow it down to 3 per episode. So hard!

Let's see what I managed to pick from episodes 7 and 8?

From Episode 7: I wish I was the only woman on the world

Number 1: I shall protect my pride

    There's so much I absolutely love about this scene. The cute and lovable lunch box, the hassle Hae Young had to go through to make it, with her family, how nonchalant she made it seem... I ultimately chose this scene where Do Kyung struggles to decide whether to take or not the lunchbox with him. Later we know he just can't bear how embarrassing that is, so the hesitation and constant going back and forth is most amusing and cute. It makes me squeal that he finally ends up taking the lunchbox with him but looks almost as if it were something dangerous or horrid and he would be so embarrassed if he was seen with it. And at the very end, in the car how he drives with a hand on it, like both hiding it and protecting it. Isn't that just adorable? He can't resist our Hae Young.




Number 2: Under the cherry blossoms rain

     I definitely love Spring dramas because the setting is just sublime. In this scene, Hae Young even tears up because the cherry blossoms are just so beautiful, and then we have a heart racing scene in which they hide from drunk Soo Kyung. Do Kyung grabs her hand, steps so close to her, even does the wall trap! (all because of a very sensible reason as to hide). They get so close and you can't tell me I was the only one screaming during this scene.




Number 3: Family always got your back

     One of the things, aside from Hae Young, that I love the most in this K-drama is Hae Young's family. They are natural, beautiful and have such a funny yet lovable dynamic. Sure, it's over the top they want to push Hae Young towards Do Kyung, although it is also because she likes him already. Yet the moment they find out he doesn't like her, that their daughter is actually having a hard time they immediately change and attack the man who is making her hurt, even if he's such a good catch. I just love how Hae Young's mother react, even if she scolds Hae Young, the fact she demands to know why Do Kyung can't like Hae Young warms my heart. "What's wrong with my Hae Young?" is the most loving and motherly thing anyone could say.




From Episode 8: I cry because of you, not him

Number 1: Protect her at all cost

    Do Kyung can say anything he wants to justify his actions, but no matter what, he ends up running towards Hae Young when he sees she's going to be in danger. He's frantic and runs after her, and I love that. I adore it is him going after her, worrying so much, trying to protect her. I think it goes beyond his guilt for what he did to her and he just deeply cares, to the point he can't even think about it or try to fight it. It's why I love this scene so much. He doesn't stay and watch her from afar, making sure she's all right, like he typical K-drama hero. He runs after her until he gets a hold of her, and doesn't leave her side. It gave me butterflies when he screamed her name, trying to stop her. I was swooning when he went forward even when the cars were coming, getting in danger himself. Tell me that's not true love, I dare you.




Number 2: "Just let me hit you once"

    Why this scene? Because Do Kyung shouts exactly what I wanted to shout. I don't hate Hae Young's ex because at some point they were happy and very cute, but I just can't forgive he was so stupid as to break up with her instead of explaining things, but above all that he just said such a cruel thing when he broke up with her. In this scene, Do Kyung stupidly hits Tae Jin's car with his, getting in an argument. He bargains to let the ex hit him 100 times if he can hit him just once… for what he said to Hae Young. It touches my heart to see how deeply he cares to actually lose his temper like that at the end. The shaking view of the camera made me dizzy, though. Was it just me?




Number 3: Just cry it, and sing it until you lose your voice

    I've said it before, Hae Young's family is my favourite thing. It actually broke my heart to the point of real tears when Hae Young confessed what actually happened the day before the wedding to her family. Then seeing them crying with guilt for the way they treated her, for not helping her, for allowing her to cry all alone and endure such shame and pain on her own. It broke me like it broke them. But then seeing them taking her for karaoke to sing and dance while crying in between just proved how close and beautiful family they are. They cried with her, held each other and sang their throats out. It was both comical and comforting and it's why this was my favourite scene of the whole episode.




BONUS: "The ship has already sailed"

      It was so hard picking ONE scene for the bonus because there were so many other scenes I gif-ed but didn't add. Ultimately I picked when Jin Sang shouted at Do Kyung after the cherry blossom scene. We all know our Do Kyung already likes Hae Young, even if it's so complicated and conflicted, so I feel like Jin Sang reflects us all when he just said "the ship has already sailed." Isn't that what we all say while watching every K-drama?

   So, do you agree with my selection? I know there were so many other incredible scenes but the article gets too heavy with more and then crushes. Having to pick three from each episode is hard because it gets better and better and I just want to gif everything I see. I love this K-drama to death.

As I couldn't add more scenes, comment on your favourite ones! I'm trying to fix the issue to make gifs that I can actually post on tumblr, so once this is solved, perhaps I can gif the scenes you mention and make the gifs to share them on other social media accounts.

Now, let's eagerly wait for episode 9 that comes today. Remember you can watch it on DramaFever, in HD and without ads if you get premium account.


Another Oh Hae Young

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The selection of scenes and gifs were made by Bel, just a regular fangirl who spends too much time watching K-dramas. If you want to make use of the gifs, please give credit.

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