We all knew that this day was coming...but that doesn't mean it's any easier! Today, BIGBANG’s T.O.P. (Choi Seung Hyun) and JYJ’s Kim Junsu officially enlisted in the army. However, perhaps in order to ease what was a bitter sweet moment for their fans, both stars took to Instagram to leave behind some final words of parting. What did they have to say? Read onto find out!

While both stars set out quietly this morning to officially enlist in the military (they both did not release the location of their enlistment), what awaited them was anything but...discreet. Hundreds of fans from around the world gathered at the Nonsan army training center in order to give both T.O.P and Junsu a warm sendoff!  The dedicated fans waited at the training center from the early morning, in order to catch a glimpse of both stars as they arrived at the base.

Both T.O.P. and Junsu completed the enlistment procedures with quiet dignity, but they did each leave behind a final message to their fans on their personal Instagram.

T.O.P.’s message was short but sincere as he apologized to fans for his quite departure: “I want to enlist quietly. Even if I enlist without saying a word, I hope you understand. I’m sorry.”

Kim Junsu's was hopeful and heartfelt as he thanked his fans: “I’m so grateful for the past 13 years of unchanging love and unforgettable memories. I feel like I wasn’t able to properly say goodbye, so I’m leaving a message along with this picture. The next time we see each other again, let’s be laughing and smiling.”

He even included a picture of his new hair cut!

After four weeks of training at Chungcheong, T.O.P. will be heading to the Seoul Metropolitan Police Department to serve as a band agent specialist and Junsu will be serving as a police officer at a police station in Gyeonggi province.

We wish both men luck and hope November 8, 2018 comes quickly! 

What did you think about T.O.P and Junsu's parting messages? Let us know your thoughts below! 

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