Actress Kim Yoo Jung recently shared a photo she took with BIG BANG’s TOP at the Busan International Film Festival. The two of them are starring in a new film titled The Commitment, acting as siblings.

The photo is really cute and I guess I can see TOP playing her older brother. I think it’s the intense eyebrows that throws everything off for me, but doesn’t she remind you slightly of F(x) member Sulli? Not that they look completely alike, but they’re both really just naturally pretty, and something about her eyes and smile scream "SULLI!"

The Commitment sounds like it's gonna be a really good movie! TOP and Kim Yoo Jung play the children of an ex- North Korean agent, and TOP needs to kill another agent in order to save his sister's life! It's filled with action, violence, crying, and everything else that will have everyone sitting on the edges of their seats!

The Commitment is scheduled to be released on November 6th.

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE