D-day has arrived. On February 9, T.O.P enlists in the military which means we must say annyeong to the charismatic actor-musician for the next 19 months. While he will enter his conscription quietly, per his wishes, he did not forget to document and share his last 24 hours on social media as an ordinary citizen for the rest of us to treasure while he is away. Here are the highlights.

On February 7, he shares a photo of some gifts received: a bouquet of flowers and a cake with a policeman topping it. Choi Seung Hyun (T.O.P’s real name) will serve out his military duty as a policeman.

On February 8, the slew of Instagram posts documenting his last day starts with two posts captioned with “Good bye Seoul.” He is shown dressed dapper as usual, enjoying a smoke.

With a mandatory enlistment is the mandatory short haircut. He thinks he looks like Spock from Star Trek, according to the post caption.

A sentimental black and white photo with his mom, presumably having dinner.

Can’t go without posting some selfies!

In the last publicly shared BIGBANG group photo T.O.P posted on February 6, the first member to enlist in the military wrote: “Members I’ll miss. I’m going to miss you so much I’m not going to see you before I go.” To this, G-Dragon commented: “Let’s see each other. Please at least FaceTime me. Hyung.” While Taeyang commented: “Please, let’s meet. Please.” Fortunately, we know for sure G-Dragon got to see him, and possibly watch him get his hair cut short, as he shared a picture taken with the eldest member at the hair salon, writing, “Our hyung,” along with a crying emoji.

The last group photo.

We wish T.O.P a safe military enlistment! What will you watch and listen to while he is away?


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