Hu Ge is considered one of the top actors in China. After basking in the popularity and acclaim for his performance, such as in the great martial arts drama Nirvana in Fire, that has elevated him into a legendary star, he has decided to take a break from acting and leave China. Why? Where is he going for two years?

Nirvana in Fire has been praised as one of the best Chinese historical dramas for featuring a riveting revenge, gorgeous cinematography, fantastic martial arts, and impeccable direction and performances. One reason that this drama has deeply touched fans is how Hu Ge's own life has paralleled the leading character Mei Changsu's rise from a tragedy.

In 2006, Hu Ge suffered a serious car accident that took the life of his good friend and assistant. An injured Hu Ge survived but almost lost sight in his right eye. He went through major surgeries which included over a hundred sutures on his face and neck. It would take him nearly a year to recover and to restart the drama Legend of the Condor Heroes (2008 release), which halted production to wait for his return. 

No wonder it was a particularly heartwarming moment when Ariel Lin, his leading lady in Legend of the Condor Heroes, surprised Hu Ge on stage at the China Quality TV Award night to wish him farewell, as the popular actor bid adieu to the audience, his fans, and practically all of China.

Check out the moment when Hu Ge accepted the award for Outstanding Quality Star and was surprised by Ariel Lin in this fully English-subbed clip. (Credit and thanks to his dedicated fan club ThinkHuGe.)

Hu Ge discussed late in 2016 that he was considering a change in life to improve himself, even if he had to give up everything.  He had already turned down many new offers, saying that he needed to rest.

Where will the 34-year-old actor go to experience new changes and nurture new growth?

He is going to study in the United States. His plan, according to news reports, is to first study English and then enter a program on cinematic directorial study at a university in New York.*

You may be surprised that he isn't just talking about a dream but has already taken action.

He Ge has already arrived in the United States. Some lucky fans spotted him at the San Francisco Airport on March 4.

We wish all the best for Hu Ge!

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*The news report did not specify the specific program or university in NYC. Fans, please let us know if you run into Hu Ge.

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