T.O.P, the incredibly talented and attractive deep-voiced singer and rapper of BIGBANG, who has always been loved for his quirky and unique personality, recently answered personal questions from his fans about his ideal romantic type, and his answer was, well, just about as T.O.P as it could be!

T.O.P held a live broadcast on Naver's V, during which he was asked about what his ideal romantic partner would be like.

After clarifying that he truly does not currently have a girlfriend, he stated, "My ideal type is... to tell you the truth... it's pretty simple. Feminine, a person who has the feminine side that I lack. I don't like girls who are too nosy... I don't like people who interfere in other's business."

It sounds like he is looking for a really down to earth and sweet girl! He went into even deeper detail, revealing that he wouldn't mind if his girlfriend farted and burped in front of him, going so far as to say that he would simply "eat" it.

Being at that level of comfort and openness around your significant other is what I call true love! 

 T.O.P is still looking for the lucky lady as he stated, "It's been awhile since I've had that feeling, but when I notice that a girl is just looking at me, that makes my heart flutter." 

So who is up to the challenge? If you're a sweet girl who minds her own business and isn't afraid to "let loose" around her boyfriend, then you may be the one for T.O.P!

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