There are kisses, and then there are Kdrama kisses -- more delightful, more memorable, and more squeal and sigh-inducing than their non-kdrama counterparts. The weather is getting warmer here in FeverWatch's homebase of New York City. To celebrate the arrival of spring, we did a very informal survey among our staff and came up with five of our favorite kisses.

5. The Spoon Kiss

spoon kiss all my love In MBC's All My Love, pop stars Lizzie (After School) and Doo Joon (Beast) play a couple. This spoon kiss is part of a dream sequence Lizzie's character imagines after she is teased for not being kissed by her boyfriend. Question: if it's a dream sequence, why block the kiss with a spoon? Whatever. It's cute.

4. The Scarf Kiss

scarf kiss high kick through the roof

The memorable kiss from High Kick Through the Roof is one for couples to try during the winter -- wrap a scarf around your partner and pull him/her in close. People in Korea probably get in relationships just to try out these kisses.

3. The Cola Kiss

cola kiss lie to me Okay people, this is no light peck on the cheek. In Lie to Me, Kang Ji Hwan's character sprays Yoon Eun Hye's character with cola and then smacks her on the lips. This is an unusually intimate and grown-up kiss, especially considering that Kdramas tend to diminish kisses into something cutesy and cloy (not that we have a problem with that). This is a fairly new kiss in that it has been broadcast only a couple of weeks ago, but we love it!

2. The Candy Kiss

candy kiss iris Another good one: In Iris, Lee Byung Hun kisses Kim Tae Hee and surprises her by dropping a candy into her mouth. Is this suave or gross? We can't decide, but either way, it's memorable.

1. The Foam Kiss

foam kiss secret garden We love the unexpectedness of this kiss from Secret Garden. Plus Hyun Bin's matter-of-factness about the kiss is hilarious. What do you all think? Which kiss is your favorite?