It seems everyone has a role model or idol who they look up to — even super-famous celebrities. Whether inspired by the talent and passion of a particular movie star, or motivated by envy for a high-roller lifestyle, stars become famous by being exposed to the influence of other stars. Here are 5 of the original inspirations for today's top K-pop celebrities whose influence may have helped them become famous.

1) Park Bom - Mariah Carey

Ever since high school, this ultra-cute singer has had a wicked admiration for one of the biggest pop divas in the biz: Miz Mariah Carey. Bom has even admitted she would listen to Mariah songs during lunch time and "forget to eat." She also lists Beyonce as another one of her influential idols early on.

2) G Dragon - Wu-Tang Clan

If their heavily hip-hop tinged music wasn't already an indicator, Big Bang front man and fashionista was first inspired by the rap stylings of American hip-hop group Wu-Tang clan. After being exposed to their music for the first time in third grade, Ji Young started rapping and writing songs at the crazy young age of 13, giving him the title of youngest Korean rapper. The success hasn't stopped since then, as the world still seems to be fascinated and enthralled by everything G Dragon does.

3) BoA - Michael Jackson

Transcontinental singer BoA lists the King of Pop as one of her main influences, which isn't much of a surprise considering her pop-and-R&B-musical style. Other influences also include Justin Timberlake and Ne-Yo, resulting in a mashup of songs that continue to be played years after her initial success.

4) Hyosung - Fin.K.L & Beyonce

As the lead singer for Secret, Hyosung is known for her simultaneously cute and sexy image and cites Beyonce as a strong influence in her dancing. The pop star has even performed a cover of the songs Naughty Girl and Crazy in Love during tours. She's also inspired by ballad singers like Kim Bum-soo and Sung Si-kyung.

5) Psy - Queen

You wouldn't know it, but the genius that is PSY was first inspired by footage from one of Queen's concerts in Wembley Stadium. In particular, the singing bug caught ahold of him once he heard them perform "Bohemian Rhapsody" and he's never looked back.