After a month of boot camp, Big Bang's T.O.P. (Choi Seung Hyun) has officially completed his army basic training as of toady! However, what was suppose to be a day of celebration with family and friends was marked instead by his conspicuous absence from the training completion ceremony held for his class. Just what happened to T.O.P. to keep him from attending? Keep reading to find out!

Within the Korean army, all incoming soldiers are required to complete a month of boot camp training before moving onto their posts in the military. After his enlistment on February 9, today marked  T.O.P. (Choi Seung Hyun)'s graduation from this initial stage of his compulsory military service. 

Normally, the completion of training is a time of celebration where friends and family are allow to attend a completion ceremony. However what should have been a time of reunion and joy for T.O.P. turned into a day in the base infirmary!


An unnamed army official spoke to the press informing them that T.O.P. had in fact completed his training, but because he was receiving treatment in the base's infirmary, he was unable to attend the ceremony. Unfortunately, the official did not go into further details about what had caused the trip to the infirmary, or if T.O.P. was even able to see his friends and relatives after being treated.

(Photo source: Instagram via @SSunAA_)

T.O.P. will now be heading to a police training base in Gyeonggi Byukie for an additional two weeks of police training before heading to the Gangnam police station for his official police duty. 

We wish T.O.P. a fast recovery and future safety during his time of service!


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