T.O.P is at it again, showing the world his funny and lovable Bingu T.O.P side. T.O.P recently posted a series of videos to his Instagram account where his face is superimposed on top of famous celebrities. Robert De Niro, Andy Warhol, Mickey Rourke, and James Dean all got a T.O.P makeover!

Click the links below to view the videos!

Andy Warhol

Watch HERE

Robert De Niro

Watch HERE

Mickey Rourke

Watch HERE

James Dean

Watch HERE.

Even better, it looks like Taeyang is also playing around with the same app! He posted the following video of himself doing his own impression of T.O.P. 

Watch HERE. Do you see the resemblance?

Which impression is your favorite? Share your thoughts below!


Secret Message

Starring Choi Seung Hyun aka T.O.P and Ueno Juri

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