The analysis of Nielsen Korea indicates that casting top stars in dramas isn’t as effective for getting higher ratings as it once used to be. Case in point: All About My Romance had top star/Lee Byung Hun’s fiance Lee Min Jung, yet the view rate of the drama was pathetic -- around 4-5%, with the last episode only receiving a 4% view rate.

Jang Ok Jung: Live In Love, starring Kim Tae Hee, also had an unimpressive rate around 10%. This is better compared to Shark with Son Ye Jin; its sixth episode had a rate of 8.5%.

Shows without top stars are faring well, however. I Hear Your Voice's fourth episode hit a 16.1% view rate. The drama nonetheless has pretty well-known actors and actresses including Lee Bo Young and Lee Jong Suk, but the drama is known more for its “synergy effect” between the younger generation and older generation of actors rather than casting top stars. It’s also impressive to note that I Hear Your Voice was a last minute replacement to another drama that fell through. A personnel from SBS drama said that it’s surprising to see how popular this drama’s become. What this trend will mean for the casts of future dramas has yet to be seen, but we have to wonder if more unknowns will be cast -- which could be exciting!