When going on vacation to a place far away, your accommodations can either make or break your trip. Some hotels are great, while others, not so much. So in case the destination of your next journey is still up in the air, here is a top 10 list of hotels around the world that will make your stay an experience you'll never forget.

1. Skylodge Adventure Suites, Cusco, Peru: Located 1300 feet above the Sacred Valley and the Urabamba River, this hotel is not for the faint of heart. To get there requires a hardcore climb or navigating some challenging zip trails. No thanks!

2. Ion Luxury Adventure Hotel, Nesjavellir, Iceland: This hotel is situated on lava beds at the base of a dormant volcano. Staying here will make you feel like you are right under the Northern Lights.

3. Attrap’Rêves, various locations, France: You'd literally be sleeping in a bubble at this modern dome hotel for nature lovers. Unfortunately, not for couples that want a little privacy.

4. Sala Silver Gruva, Sala, Sweden: 500 feet underground, this hotel was built at the site of an actual mine. Comes with an optional guided tour of the surrounding mines.

5. Flat Dogs Camp, South Luangwa National Park, Zambia: If you want the true safari experience, look no further. Don't be complaining to the front desk if an elephant taking a morning stroll wakes you up from your slumber.

6. Bivacco Gervasutti, Mont Blanc, France: Named after an Alpine climber, you have to be one yourself if you want to stay here. Nothing personal, otherwise you won't be able to make it up to your hotel!

7. Hotel Costa Verde, Costa Rica: Doesn't it feel great to get off your plane after a long flight and finally get to your hotel room? This restored 727 sits in the middle of a remote rain forest, with breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean.

8. Conrad Maldives, Maldives: This hotel comes with an above-sea spa, under the sea restaurant, and rooms both in the ocean and above it. "Excuse me, front desk? I think there's a little leak in my room?"

9. Hotel Arctic, Greenland: The world's most northern four-star hotel also has a blue-ribbon restaurant where you can watch icebergs drift by as you enjoy a wonderful dinner. 

10. Ice Hotel, Sweden: Needing no explanation, this hotel offers both cold and warm accommodations. Either way, you're going to be freezing while staying here. I'm even feeling cold just looking at this picture.

Which one would you like to visit?


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