“Some say that meeting your ideal partner is a work of destiny. I would say the same for the chances of coming across a great artwork,” says T.O.P. The musician and actor has never been shy about his passion for the arts. His love affair with it runs deep, commenting, “Once a piece enters my life, we become lifelong companions destined to love each other.” He’s not lying: follow his Instagram and at times you’ll be inundated with it. In October, the well-known art collector will become a guest curator for Sotheby’s, one of the world’s largest art brokers.

Sotheby’s says T.O.P’s participation is unprecedented, stating, “…the sale is also the first time Sotheby’s Hong Kong has collaborated with a collector as curator.” For approximately a year, T.O.P has been prepping to be the guest curator for the special sale taking place on October 3 in Hong Kong. The contemporary art sale will be sold under the title of “#TTTOP” which is used in his Instagram username.

A portion of the earnings will be donated to Asian Cultural Council, a non-profit group with various programs that promote cultural exchange between the U.S. and Asia. “I hope the event will help provide a stable workplace for the young, financially struggling artists,” T.O.P reportedly said in a press release.

Congratulations to T.O.P on a worthy curatorial debut!

Source and cover photo: Sotheby’s

Additional source: Korea Times