Preparations for year-end ceremonies in Korea have entertainers working very hard to satisfy their fans. We're wishing everyone all the best, and stay safe! Here are the Top Three:

1. Members of Super Junior took to Twitter to express their frustration about SM Entertainment not letting their fans know about a pre-taped performance for the SBS year-end special--it's a huge bummer because they were left without fan support in the audience.

2. New stills from Dream High 2 show differences in season 2 from the hit original.

3. Kim Hyung Jun uploaded pics of himself at the SHE'S COMPLETELY INSANE poster shoot, revealing his new look--he's dropped 8kg (about 17 lbs.) for the role!

BONUS: Details are scarce right now, but INFINITE's Dongwoo apparently is recovering from burns suffered during the SBS Gayo Daejun special. We're wishing him a speedy recovery and a healthy 2012!