As a figure of speech, some people say that they would give their left testicle for something. It's usually a mansion, a super model, or a haircut, but an American man has decided to take that expression literally for a...

Nissan. Appearing on the CBS show "The Doctors," Mark Parisi announced his plans to sell his left testicle for $35,000 for a Nissan 370Z. Parisi is going to donate his testicle for medical research purposes, and $35,000 is apparently the going rate for a bit of your manhood.

He must be a really big fan of the Japanese car company's 370Z model to make such a dramatic gesture. It is also important to note that Parisi will have to pay taxes on the $35,000, whereas if he doesn't get the procedure he would have to pay no taxes on his current testicles.

This is the look of a man who is about to lose a close personal friend.