Only two weeks after opening, the record-breaking glass walkway in Yuntai Mountain Scenic Park, China has been shut down due to unsafe conditions. What started out as a thrill turned to sheer terror as tourists realized that the glass holding them 3,543 feet above sea level had begun to crack.

Hanging over a sheer drop to the sea, the cliffside path was opened on September 20, spanning 853 feet with a 223-foot section of glass bottom. Unfortunately, the engineering feat has proven unsuccessful, as a terrified tourist reported the following:

"Just witnessed a historic moment — Yuntaishan's glass walkway is broken. As I was approaching the end of the passage, I heard a sudden loud 'bang.' My legs were shaken. I looked down and saw the pane underneath me had shattered. Some people screamed. I yelled, 'It really cracked. It really cracked!' Then I ran pushing the people in front of me. I was terrified" wrote Weibo user leedonghaeshuohyukjaenihaowodeai.

The park has tried to downplay the damage, making a statement admitting that there were "a small amount of cracks" discovered during their regular inspection. They continued, "To ensure guests' safety, the glass walkway was closed immediately. Safety experts were deployed to find the cause of the incident. The passage's surface is made of custom-made three-layer tempered glass panes. The cracks only affect one layer of the pane and will not pose a threat to safety."

Another Weibo user, who claimed to have seen it, disputed this, saying,  "It was definitely not a small amount of cracks. The whole pane looked fractured."

It has been revealed that the crack was caused by a heavy thermos being dropped onto the glass by a tourist. 

Sounds like they have a long way to go to improve safety if a simple thermos can cause so much damage! Would you brave the bridge after this news? 

Here is a video of the glass skywalk when it first opened.

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