Just yesterday, news reports mentioned a new Arctic chill hitting large areas of the country, reminding many of us that another brutal winter is on its way. In Japan though, a new design of a traditional electrically heated tea table promises to keep those who purchase it warmer and cozier than they can even wish for.

A kotatsu is basically a tea table with an electric heater attached to it with a separate table top so that a blanket can be placed between the table top and the table itself, over the legs of those sitting on the floor. What you get is a warm, blanketed space where your legs can be protected from the cold. In traditional Japanese homes with no central heating, it is a necessity for the cold winter months.

These traditional kotatsus now have a modern touch. Japanese creative team Kori-Show has come up with the novel idea of making the blankets of the table wearable, so it's not only legs that are kept warm, but the entire body. Kotatsus are known for their sleep-inducing effects just because they're so warm and cozy. And this is before the new designs.

This winter, thanks to Kori-Show, some Japanese folks are going to be falling asleep from pure warmth and comfort, no matter how cold it is outside. But comfort comes at a price. These wearable kotatsus are available by phone or email order only, and go at a whopping 255,000 yen, about 2,300 dollars.

Wearable modern version

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Traditional and not wearable